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Which protective helmet to choose for safe work?

The 3 best hard hats of the moment

Protective helmets have become very important equipment. To protect against the risk of accident during work, they are used more and more by many people. Several brands offer a variety of them to satisfy their customers. Choosing a best-value protective helmet can be difficult. Your choice should provide you with everyday comfort. To get the most out of your hard hat, here is a guide that has all the information you need to make a successful purchase.

Oregon 562412 Yukon: the combined hard hat

The Oregon brand has been offering protective helmets for several years. Among those produced and put on the market, the Oregon 562412 Yukon turns out to be a real gem. This helmet is part of the range of combined protective helmets. This is a helmet that is very resistant to impacts of all kinds . The dimensions of this protective helmet are: 30 x 22 x 17 cm. It also has six ventilation holes which promote ventilation for its user. The latter therefore does not run the risk of a lack of air. People with asthma or breathing problems may very well use the Oregon 562412 Yukon hard hat. Moreover, the assembly of this helmet is very easy. You will not need to read the leaflet. Just look at the pictures on the box.

The Oregon 562412 Yukon hard hat can be adjusted to the user's head easily. For this, he has a six-point cuff. It also has a large stainless steel visor that will protect the user's face against sunburn and other possible shocks. Used for brush clearing and cutting, this protective accessory performs its function very well. It is very practical. You can wear it and add or not the protective grid. The grid of this protective helmet is very thin. It has very good visibility and the hearing protectors are sufficiently effective, although it is still recommended to buy a hearing protection helmet not included. The ears which are also sensitive are not forgotten in the manufacture of this protective helmet. Thus, it is provided with a kit or a helmet for the ears in combination which protects the latter against possible deafening noises.

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Why wear a protective helmet? The advantages!

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First of all, a protective helmet limits the risks associated with the use of a brush cutter, a corded electric grinder or even a inexpensive jigsaw not example. Each element of the helmet plays an important role. For example, the stainless steel mesh visor protects your eyes from projectiles. The shell or shell absorbs shocks and resists various risks of perforation. Also, the hearing protection kits of the protective helmet provide you with better noise attenuation. Some models have six vents for better comfort.

In addition, studies have shown that the protective helmet can reduce the risk and severity injury of 70% and more, the probability of death of about 40%. The hard hat also helps reduce the medical costs associated with construction accidents. You see how important it would be to get some. We therefore recommend that you purchase a protective helmet to take advantage of its multiple advantages . Here are just a number of tips to help you choose the right model for you.

Comparative table of the 10 best-selling protective helmets of the year

Comment choose the right helmet?

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Wearing a hard hat is of utmost and even vital importance for the worker. It is necessary to afford such a helmet. This is the reason why when you want to make the choice of a protective helmet , you should take into account a few parameters. The first criterion to take into account is undoubtedly the duration of wearing the protective helmet. Indeed, if the duration is short, you can choose a simple and basic helmet, without any particular accessory. A helmet that's easy to put on, but also to take off. On the other hand, if you will wear it for a long time, you should make sure that it is light.

In addition, the choice of protective helmet depends on the risks observed at the work site. If, for example, you find that you are not safe from falling objects such as nails or pieces of glass, you should buy a helmet that meets the EN812 standard, or crash helmet. Also be sure to check how you feel when you put on a hard hat. Is it comfortable? Can you keep it on your head for hours? Also consider the type of activity. A helmet used for work on a construction site cannot be used for forestry work, for example. Finally, you will be able to check the resistance and solidity of the caps.

Where to buy a protective helmet at the best price?

Today , it is possible to buy the product you want on the internet, as long as it is available on e-commerce sites. Among these sites, we can cite the giant Amazon. It is one of the most popular shopping sites in the world and particularly in France. So if you want to buy a protective helmet, is your best choice. This site offers you protective helmets within everyone's reach. You can treat yourself to a quality protective helmet for just € 30.

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