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Which connected outlet to choose to improve your home?

The 3 best connected sockets of the moment

The electricity consumption of the French increases over the years. Despite calls for responsible electric use, the trend is not reversing. Fortunately, an ingenious tool will be of great use to you. The smart plug helps you improve your power consumption habits . Proven in many homes, this accessory makes life easier on many levels. Available on the market in several models, this product should be purchased with foresight. To enjoy excellent value for money, you will need some practical advice.

TP-Link HS 100 connected socket: a benchmark product

The connected socket HS 100 (FR) is manufactured by the brand TP-Link. It operates on a frequency of 2.4 GHz. Among other things, it allows you to remotely control your various electrical devices and tools. You must first download the kasa application for free. This will give you remote access and free control of your electrical devices. It requires a smartphone or tablet (Android 4.1 or higher/iOS 8 or higher). First, you plug the accessory into a regular electrical outlet. Then you plug in the device you want to control. Finally, you just have to configure your smartphone according to the product's user manual. Once the connection is established, you will have control over your device. If you want to use the plug connected on another device, you will simply have to move it.

The smart plug or connected socket HS 100 (FR) works with n ' any Wi-Fi router without the need for an additional hub. It creates time slots for switching your devices on and off via the kasa application. Voice control of your devices connected to this outlet is possible using the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant applications. You simply assign a name to each take and communicate with it by name through your voice. It is also possible to group your smart plugs and control them in a single command. With the IFTTT app, you can also create custom applets that will trigger automatic actions on your smart plug. With this gadget, you can check at any time whether your devices are on or off. This control will allow you to save energy.

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Why buy a plug connected?

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The smart plug is simple and practical, and allows you to benefit from a connected home without having to invest in an expensive home automation installation. It allows you to remotely control the on and off of electrical devices such as your 4K television or your color wireless video door phone . Its users will now have good control over their consumption. The accessory can work over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi . Remote power supply configuration is possible. Depending on the device, the owner can: turn it off, turn it on, check that the heating is actually off, or turn it on a few hours after returning from a trip. Checking your devices then becomes very easy. You can rest assured that none has been left on unnecessarily.

The programming and conditioning of the connected socket is carried out according to your electrical equipment . You can decide to turn on your devices at pre-programmed times when motion is detected, depending on the temperature of the room. It is possible to program a radiator to operate below a temperature, to create lighting after detection of movement with lamps only on when passing by. A connected outlet can even indicate at what precise time a passage has taken place in a place of your home. You can also program the operation of energy-consuming devices during off-peak hours to reduce your electricity consumption.

Comparative table of the 10 best connected sockets of the year

How to choose a connected socket?

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You have to take into account certain parameters to choose your smart plug. The first criterion is the number of features that the product has. In principle, the performance of the home automation socket depends on the functionality. Some models allow to measure the electrical usage of a device in real time , showing details of possible peaks in consumption. Your choice should match your needs. To turn your electrical appliances on and off only, you don't have to go for a sophisticated outlet. On the other hand, it is more interesting for an electrician to get a high-end model.

The next criterion to check is the type of network. The control can be done via Bluetooth. Here, the smartphone must be near the outlet for it to work. Control can also be established via Wi-Fi. In this case, you are controlling your devices remotely. However, internet connection is mandatory . The price is a factor to consider. It varies depending on the quality of the product, the brand and its features. Therefore, the more expensive smart plugs tend to have the best performance.

Where can I buy a smart plug at the best price?

Shopping online offer more benefits to consumers. You don't have to travel around to compare and buy the products you're looking for. By shopping on Amazon for example, you have access to multiple references related to the connected outlet that you want to buy. The e-commerce platform enjoys a reputation that precedes it. It offers millions of products sold by suppliers in various countries. In addition to the multitude of items on offer, Amazon regularly runs sales on a wide selection of products. Your smart plug may well be one of them.

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