What’s the best bread maker of the year?

TOP 3 of the best bread makers of the year

If home-made kitchen appliances are more and more popular in France, at the image of yoghurt makers which are experiencing renewed interest from consumers, this is explained by the fact that there are many of us to want to eliminate from our food all harmful or even toxic substances for the body. And contrary to what is customary to believe, doing your own cooking is far from tedious or time-consuming since many equipment, such as Cookeo de Moulinex , are able to do most of the work for us. In this article, it's the bread machine we wanted to tell you about. Thanks to it, you will always benefit from fresh bread, but as you will be able to see, its advantages do not stop there, on the contrary.

Comparison table of the 10 best bread machines 2018/2019

What are the good reasons to buy a bread maker?

If the bread maker is also popular with consumers, this is explained by the fact that it will allow you to benefit from several particularly interesting advantages. First of all, by choosing to make your own bread, you will save a lot of money unlike if you had to buy it in a bakery. In fact, making bread at home is on average three times cheaper than having to buy it. From this moment, the purchase of your bread maker will therefore pay off very quickly. In less than a year, if you create your bread once a day, you will have cut your costs, which will obviously contribute to giving you extreme satisfaction.

But the advantage of a bread maker is also the quality of your diet. Indeed, to create your bread at home, you will choose each of your ingredients. You will then be able to monitor the provenance and composition of each of them. Forget about flavor enhancers or preservatives and finally opt for a healthy diet that will have no negative impact on your health or that of your loved ones. Finally, some bread machines are multifunctional and will allow you to make all kinds of bread recipes, as well as some pastries such as yoghurt cakes or even savory recipes such as cakes for example.

Kenwood BM450 : The best bread maker of the year!

We absolutely wanted to present the Kenwood BM450 bread maker to you since it is an exceptional model, ultra reliable and efficient. Thanks to it, controlling your diet and enjoying tasty bread that is identical to your requirements will be child's play. Indeed, making gluten-free bread, a small brioche or a cereal bread will only require a few seconds, after which your appliance will work in perfect autonomy. The only real thing you will have to do will be to wait until the result is ready, and of course, to taste it.

If the Kenwood BM450 is considered like the best bread maker of the year, this is also explained by the fact that it offers 15 preset programs as well as 5 programs that you can completely customize. In addition, its reliability owes to its ventilated cooking system which will have the advantage of offering you a perfect result from all points of view. Finally, thanks to its digital control panel and its various capacities ranging from 500 to 1000 grams, the Kenwood BM450 is versatile and attentive to your needs. One thing is certain, immediately after using it for the first time, it will be unimaginable to be able to do without it.

How to choose the right bread maker?

Making homemade bread easily can only be done in the company of a good bread maker. This is why, when it comes to choosing it, you will have to be particularly uncompromising regarding certain criteria. First of all, check the characteristics of the machine that interests you, and in particular check that it is programmable, that it offers a control window or even a kneading function, delayed start or keep warm for example. . Your device should indeed be able to offer you bread making that is adapted to your needs and your lifestyle.

Then, that you you wish to create a country bread, a wholemeal bread, a sourdough or spelled bread for example, in all cases, it will be essential that your bread machine offers you a capacity which corresponds to your real needs. If you live alone, a capacity of 500g might be sufficient. However, if there are several of you at home, it will be preferable to turn to a device offering a higher capacity of 750g or even 1kg. Finally, learn about the ease of use of the bread machine you are interested in. For that, take a few minutes to consult the opinions of the customers which are always very objective and rich in advice.

Our 2 favorite bread machines of the moment

Moulinex OW240E30: The best machine multifunction bread machine

Space-saving and equipped with 20 automatic programs, the Moulinex OW240E30 bread machine is ideal for making crispy homemade bread with a soft and flavorful pie. In addition, thanks to its large LCD screen, you can configure each feature with the greatest precision. So, whether you want to make a classic bread, a gingerbread, a milk bread or even to knead a pizza dough, each of your desires can be satisfied with extreme simplicity.

Thanks to its capacity of 1kg and the non-stick coating of its bowl, bread baking will always be carried out under perfect conditions and independently. Once you have started the preparation, you will be alerted by a sound signal that your bread is ready to be tasted. Finally, for a quick baking of your bread in the event of unforeseen circumstances, for example, you can benefit from a quick program which will offer you quality bread in just 25 minutes. To conclude, you will have understood it, the Moulinex OW240E30 bread machine is the ideal device for those who plan to make many different bread recipes and who do not want to have to spend hours there.

Moulinex OW210130: The easiest bread maker to use

The Moulinex OW210130 bread machine is one of those household appliances that make homemade bread a breeze, and this even if the kitchen is not your favorite field. Offering a capacity of 500 grams or one kilogram, depending on your needs, this bread machine will also allow you to make many different recipes such as brioches or sandwich bread for example.

What makes the strength of the Moulinex OW210130 is the fact that it is currently the easiest bread maker to use. Thanks to its LCD control screen, you can change the browning of your bread, the baking time or even program a delayed start that can reach 15 hours. In addition, when your recipe is ready, the keep warm function will take over for an hour so that you can enjoy warm and crispy bread that will delight the taste buds of all those around you.

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