What is the best steam generator in 2021? Comparison & Buyer’s Guide!

TOP 3 favorite steam generators for customers in 2021

Ironing is a passion for few people, but it is nevertheless a imperative task that must be performed regularly. If for decades the irons have had the monopoly in this field, today things are changing since the steam generator, because of all the advantages it offers, is relegating this device. yet emblematic at the stage of antiquity. But what are the real advantages of a steam generator? And how do you choose the best model of the year? Within this comparison of steam generators, we are going to share with you many tips that will allow you to quickly orient yourself towards the ideal appliance according to you.

Philips GC9665/30 PerfectCare Elite Plus: The best steam generator of the year

The Philips GC9665/30 PerfectCare Elite Plus steam generator iron is what the is to ironing Dyson V6 Total Clean at the modern stick vacuum cleaner , namely an exceptional model that sums it all up only what all other models should be. Powerful and incredibly easy to use while being exceptionally efficient, this steam generator will allow you to divide by three the time usually spent on this task, while obviously making sure that the results you will get will be perfect .

Currently, the Philips GC9665/30 PerfectCare Elite Plus steam generator is very successful worldwide, which can be explained by its innovative technologies . For example, it has OptimalTemp technology which automatically regulates the temperature according to the type of fabric treated. In addition, its steam flow can reach 155g/minute and its pressing effect 540 grams per minute. Finally, its T-ionicGlide sole guarantees you impeccable gliding comfort. In short, the Philips GC9665/30 fully deserves its reputation as the best steam generator of 2021!

Steam generator comparison 2021: The 10 favorite models of customers!

Why buy a steam generator ? All the advantages!

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The steam generator ironing equipment offers many advantages, and this is why it has become in just a few years much more popular than the traditional iron ironing board that we have all known. Firstly, because it is ultra simple to use, which is due to its sole designed to offer an ultra pleasant glide or to its steam flow powerful enough to overcome n no matter what folds quickly, the steam generator will save you considerable time during all your ironing sessions, just like a steam cleaner from quality could save you time when cleaning. Whether you live alone or are the head of a large family, in any case, you will appreciate this considerable time saving.

Moreover , owing to the fact that manufacturers of steam plants compete in ingenuity to develop ever more exceptional models, the soles of this equipment offer impressive performance. Even ironing particularly wrinkled shirts will be incredibly easy. Thanks to the steam generator, it is certain that you will no longer consider ironing as a chore in its own right. Finally, this type of ironing device is built to last. So, although its price may seem high at first glance, in reality it is an investment that will pay off very quickly and that at no time whatsoever will you regret d 'have done.

How to choose the right steam generator? The selection criteria to consider.

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Lots of steam generators exist today, and it is true that not all of them are equally exceptional. However, choosing the right steam generator is nowhere near as complicated as it seems since the criteria to consider are relatively simple. First of all, we recommend that you take an interest in the maximum flow rate offered by your next device which, ideally, should be the highest or, if necessary, at least 120g/min, which will allow you to be able to process any type of fold with the confidence of getting perfect results in one pass.

In addition , the quality of the base of a steam generator is very important. In fact, when you do your research, make sure that the device you choose will give you the best possible sliding comfort . Finally, just as you might do during the choice of a multi-surface robot vacuum , take a few moments to consider the proposed power. This should obviously be high enough to allow you to work comfortably, but it should also not be too high, otherwise your electricity bills could soar. To put it simply, prefer steam plants with a power between 1800 and 3000 watts.

Philips GC8735/80 PerfectCare Performer: The steam generator with the best quality/price ratio

The Philips GC8735/80 PerfectCare Performer steam generator iron is also an ironing device that is likely to interest you because it has been designed to allow you to treat your laundry in particularly exceptional and fast conditions. Indeed, it also has OptimalTemp technology which will automatically adapt the temperature of the sole according to your textiles . But what sets this model apart from all the others is its remarkable ergonomics which makes it one of the easiest steam generators to use.

So that you can iron efficiently, the Philips GC8735/80 PerfectCare Performer steam generator offers a detachable 1.8 liter tank, so you can work for two hours without interruption. And to be able to store all your clothes in your fabric closet as neatly as in a clothing store, the brand has provided a steam output of up to 120 g/minute as well as a steam boost of 420 g/min . In short, the Philips GC8735/80 steam generator has it all, and there is no doubt that you will soon no longer imagine being able to iron without it as it is so perfect.

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