Thermomix Vorwerk

The latest version of the German Vorwerk’s thermomix robot is sold for € 999! An exorbitant price which still finds economic arguments, because with this exceptional heating blender, we can do so many things that the manufacture of ingredients becomes possible. We therefore save on our food budget in the long term!

The Vorwerk company

 width= For more than a century, the company Vorwerk has been designing and selling multifunction robots, but only for direct sale.In other words, you have no chance of finding the heating blenders of this brand in the usual big brands.Looking at the price of the brand’s latest heated blender, the Thermomix TM31 (almost 1000 euros), we can see why, because if Vorwerk’s heated blenders were sold in stores, they would cost even more.At 1000 € the heating blender, it is better to buy directly.

What makes the thermomix robot the Rolls of heated blenders

First of all, the thermomix is ​​not just a simple heating blender.Indeed, with this multifunction robot, we can not only cut and cook good small dishes, but we can also chop, mince, slice, crush ice, mix, knead, beat, whisk, emulsify, grind, weigh, reverse chop, grind, etc.In short, with this high-end multifunction robot , we can do absolutely anything, and do it with such disconcerting ease that some could criticize this heating blender for being the embodiment of the end of cooking pleasure.So it’s not only the Rolls of blender heaters, it’s also the Rolls of multi-function robots.A true chef who hardly needs you to cook up elaborate dishes and even make 100% homemade ingredients.So, between the pleasure of cooking long hours and that of being able to prepare an elaborate meal in less than 10 hours when you come home late from work, the choice is quickly made.The only obstacle: the price.

The characteristics of the thermomix heating blender from Vorwerk

Ce expensive heating blender a been designed to fit in any type of kitchen, even the smallest. It comes with many accessories including steamer baskets, spatulas and other whisks for beating and kneading your dough. Dimension s: H=30 cm/L=28.5 cm/Depth=28.5 cm Motor : 10 speeds-adjustment of the number of revolutions per minute possible-from 40 at 1200 revolutions/minute. Functions : Kneader, beat, whisk, heat, cook, steam, emulsify, grind, stir, weigh, chop, reverse, mix, mix. Safety : the blender will not turn on until the lid is closed-if the motor overheats, the blender will automatically shut off while the motor cools down. Temperature management : configurable from 37 ° to 100 °. Weigh your food : integrated electronic scale Accessories : Mixing bowl, cooking basket, measuring cup, set of knives, spatula, whisk, varoma (practical utensil that allows you to cook some steamed foods, others normally, but at the same time!)

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