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The small automatic Bosch Tassimo Vivy coffee maker!

When I wanted to take my coffee maker, I decided to make my choice based on the pods. You had to choose between the pods sold for 1 euro and the one you had to wait a long time to get after an online order. Selection criteria were therefore imposed. The goal was to have pods for both coffee and other drinks that did not contain caffeine and theine. But also, you had to save money and have the authentic frothy cappuccino. In this case, the choice fell on the Tassimo coffee makers and more precisely on the Tassimo Vivy White.

Tassimo Vivy White: the description

White Tassimo Vivy test The Tassimo Vivy Blanc is designed by Bosch. In addition to its strength, it goes perfectly in harmony with your kitchen decoration, if you have one. Its dimensions of 25 x 17 x 30 cm, categorize it as a small machine. However, it must be left free on the left side since its tank is there. The latter has a fairly standard capacity of 0.7 liters . Due to its removable nature, the cup holder can be set to two different heights. However, you can only brew one cup of coffee. You can also simply opt for a large mug.

With its pressure of 3.3 bars , you can make anise coffee than other creamy drinks. Right on the Tassimo Vivy Blanc, you have three indicator lights. The first indicator light is actually a button used to prepare drinks. The second is used to give alerts in case the water tank no longer contains water. The very last button is used to signal the need for descaling of the machine. The switch is also located on the side. Thus, you have the possibility of putting the machine on standby as well as of completely switching it off so as not to have to consume more electricity.

How to make a coffee with the Tassimo Vivy Blanc

To say quite simply that the Tassimo Vivy Blanc is a coffee machine is quite reductive. Indeed, this coffee maker allows you to brew much more than a coffee, it also allows you to make other hot drinks. T discs or pods of different brands are available online and offer different results. Around 20 cafes are available . The same goes for decas, hot chocolates and teas. Depending on the place of sale and the model, the pods cost between 0.25 and 0.5 euros.

You will need exactly four movements to prepare n ‘ does not matter what drink. First, you need to open the front of your machine to slide the right pod into the correct place. Then you have to turn off the machine and press the start button. Finished, your drink is ready. It should be noted that the machine is intelligent and will know how to serve you adequately on the basis of T discs.

Opinion on the Tassimo Vivy Blanc

Avis tassimo vivy blanc As we had to say, this machine is used to make many drinks. In addition, it has a low noise level. Indeed, the Tassimo Vivy Blanc is counted among the quietest machines because it emits only 52 decibels . Although this level is high, it is lower than that of some machines which emit up to 60 decibels. The difference is already significant. Another advantage is the maintenance and automation of beverages. So you have no fear for the instructions that may get lost or poor handling because the Tassimo Vivy Blanc takes care of everything and in the best possible way.

A yellow T disc accompanies the Tassimo Vivy Blanc and occupies the rear of the machine. It helps in descaling. To use it, you just have to run it in the machine. The only downside to this coffee maker is the price of the pods. When it comes to coffee, the price of the pods is quite fair, and even very fair compared to some competing pod brands. But, for other drinks, this price is too high. It is then preferable to take these drinks less frequently. You also have the option of having promotions on the Tassimo brand website.

What we think of the Tassimo Vivy

For the white color, you will need 43 euros to have it. In other words, the price depends on the color and the promotion. You can also order Tassimo Vivy in a different color. However, the Tassimo Vivy White is more expensive than the black one. Whatever your coffee maker desire, Tassimo will know how to give it to you. The Vivy model is an entry-level coffee maker . Simple, it is also economical.

In conclusion, this machine is discreet and allows you to choose from a wide variety of hot drinks. It could be coffee or some other drink. With the large number of colors available this coffee maker, it easily matches your kitchen decor. Plus, it’s easy to use.

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