The essential accessories to decorate your entrance

Often overlooked, yet very remarkable, the hallway of your house or apartment also deserves to be well decorated. If you have enough space, you can even furnish it! The entrance to your home offers the first glimpse of your interior, and should therefore be welcoming even if it is only used to store shoes and coats. Here are the accessories you need to place in your hallway so that it is both well decorated and functional.

Place a mirror in your hallway

The mirror is an essential element to bring an impression of space in the room. It also allows to reflect light in this place which can sometimes be cramped. If your entryway is rather small, you can choose one to press along the wall , or hang. The bottom line is that it should be tall enough so that you can see it from head to toe, or at least down to the bust.

Besides being decorative, the mirror can also be very useful for taking a last look at your outfit before you leave your house.

A small seat

What could be more welcoming than a seat in the corner of a room? The ideal would be to opt for a bench topped with a cozy cushion, or if there is little space, a small velvet bench. Moreover, you can find charming little benches of the Atmosphera brand in interior decoration stores such as Nos Envies Deco .

For an even more practical result, you can even choose a seat with integrated storage. It will be very useful for you to sit down in order to take off your shoes!

 Indispensable entrance decoration

A shelf to arrange shoes

So that your entrance is as beautiful as functional, we also recommend installing shelves. These are always useful for storing certain things, including: bags, off-season shoes, umbrella, storage compartment, keys and other small everyday items that we do not know what to do with . They can also be useful for storing guest shoes or providing a quiet space for the family dog.

You don't have enough space to an entire piece of furniture? Opt for a floating shelf! To make everything look elegant, don't forget to place some potted plants, or small decorative objects like statuettes, figurines… to find in interior decoration stores.

A door-coat and hooks

It is important to be able to hang hats, scarves and coats as soon as you enter your home rather than piling them on a loose, especially if they get wet from the rain. You can go your own way to have a result as beautiful as it is functional!

The lighting

Do not neglect the lighting of your entrance, because this element is essential for the passage to be welcoming. In addition to the main suspension, you can place LED candles on the shelves to create a soft atmosphere or even light garlands to have along your storage.

Finally, warm table lamps will be ideal to decorate and illuminate the entrance to your house!

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