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The Delonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse: an automatic and modern coffee maker

We often wonder about the machines that Delonghi and Dolce Gusto will soon release to us. In fact, every capsule machine designed by Dolce Gusto does not fail to seduce anyone with their particular and often dreamy appearance. Precisely, when their Dolce Gusto Movenza coffee maker was marketed, it won an award. However, the coffee maker concerned here is the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker. And despite its appearance, we are going to check if it is able to easily offer good coffee.

Description of the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker

Avis dolce gusto eclipse With regard to the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker, what attracts at first glance is its design. When the machine is closed, it forms a black ring. The perfect shape of the eclipse! When opened, its left side tilts forward so that it is ready for preparing drinks. To see its measurements as well as its design, this coffee maker occupies a large space for its installation. With 32x32x27 cm of dimensions, to have a good visual of the machine, it is recommended not to confine it among other objects. Although the exterior of the machine is made of plastic, its interior is made of thermoblock aluminum. This greatly reduces the preheating time. It has a water tank with a capacity of 1 L which is however complex to handle.

Speaking of its cup holder , this one also plays the role of drainer. You have the possibility to adjust its height on three different levels. This reduces dirt as well as water ejection around the coffee maker. Thanks to its pressure of 15 bar , you can prepare a creamy espresso. However, remember that the Delonghi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Eclipse is an energy-efficient coffee maker. In addition, after a 5-minute break, the machine goes into standby. Compared to the duration of the coffee makers of competing brands, this is rather reduced.

The use of the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker

Every detail of the machine is put in place to promote easy and automatic use of the coffee maker. Indeed, preheating does not exist or at least its duration being really short is already included in the preparation of coffee. Thanks to the Touch Intuitive sensor, you decide on the length of your coffee among its eight available length levels. Likewise, the coffee maker is equipped with two other buttons, one of which is red in color and the other is blue in color. These allow you to prepare either a cold drink or a hot drink.

Therefore, you only have to press the on button and then d ‘install the capsule and let you drive. Since this is a automatic coffee maker , when the water level is ideal, it will shut off on its own. What is deplorable, however, is that there is no light signal that can indicate that the water level is low. But fortunately, when the coffee maker finds itself in such a situation during preparation, it immediately pauses. The user therefore has the opportunity to refuel the tank. Once this is done, the preparation continues its course. Contrary to what we see with Nespresso coffee makers, you will not run any risk by putting the capsule in the trash.

The drinks offered by the Dolce Gusto coffee machine

 Dolce Gusto Eclipse test You should note that the coffee maker as well as its capsules bear the Dolce Gusto mark. Dolce Gusto is the name of the idea in general. As for the machine itself, it is the product of the manufacture of Delonghi and not of Krups. As for the manufacture and the choice of flavors of the capsules, it is Nescafé who takes care of it. With these capsules you can make up to thirty drinks made of tea, chocolate or coffee.

You can even brew tasty drinks such as organic coffee, cappuccino, cold tea or decaffeinated coffee. However, the capsules we currently offer are Nestea, Nesquik and Ricoré brands. All in all, the capsules that are right for you are the best. However, remember that with the Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker, you can treat yourself to large drinks with a capacity of up to 300 mL.

Where to get a Dolce Gusto Eclipse coffee maker?

It is recommended to market the Dolce Gusto coffee maker at an average price of 155 euros. Considering its quality, its price is not really attractive. Ultimately, the coffee maker is sold more for its design and not for the service it provides. But by doing a comparative study of the prices offered on various sites such as Amazon, Leclerc or Darty, you have the opportunity to benefit from a private sale or an exceptional reduction. Otherwise, you have the option of offering it to yourself during sales periods. In the end, if you still find the price a little excessive, there is the selection of Dolce Gusto capsule coffee makers that you could consult.

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