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The complete buying guide for choosing the right multimeter!

The 3 best multimeters around

When it comes to electricity, good equipment is essential to work efficiently. Although some tasks are intended for specialists in the field, laymen can also engage in less complex work. Indeed, to perform certain electrical measurements, you do not need to be an electrician. A electronic multimeter is a worthy investment for many consumers. To fully enjoy it, you will have to choose this multifunctional device carefully. It will therefore be necessary to be well advised to obtain a quality product at the best price. Here are some practical guidelines that will be of great help to you.

Janisa PM18C digital multimeter: the handyman's best asset

The Janisa PM18C is a digital multimeter with many features. It measures electrical and electronic signals. It is equipped with both a voltmeter, an ammeter and an ohmmeter. The product has a total weight of 380g and has the following dimensions: 19cm × 6cm × 4.8cm. The product is equipped with a pair of type K thermocouples . Even without connecting the multimeter's probe, this device allows you to measure the ambient temperature up to a limit of 250 ° C. This multimeter has a special quality. It has the ability to detect electrical voltage from a distance. If you place the nipple of your tool near electrical voltage, the tool will beep. The measuring instrument in question is powered by AA batteries which are supplied.

In addition, the Janisa PM18C multimeter is equipped with a display 2.75 inch backlit LCD . The size and backlighting of the display makes it easy to read the displayed data. In addition, the product is equipped with a flashlight located on the back. The multimeter is made of hard plastic. It therefore enjoys a proven robustness and resistance. Its shell is solid and allows it to withstand shock. The meter alerts you when the battery level is low. This alert will allow you to react accordingly before the multimeter turns off. In addition, this digital multimeter has an automatic shutdown system. Indeed, after a long period of inactivity, it switches off automatically. This system allows you to save your battery. Finally, it should be noted that the product has a memory that stores all data.

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Why buy a multimeter? All the benefits!

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Tool intended for both hobbyists and professionals, just like the angle grinder or the battery-powered screwdrivers , the multimeter has many advantages. He is a very good tester. It allows you to check for malfunctions on an electrical circuit. It will facilitate the troubleshooting of several of your devices : television, radio, car, etc. It is one of the star tools of an electrician or a simple handyman. The other advantage of the multimeter is its accuracy. It helps to provide reliable and precise data. Also, it should be noted that the multimeter is multifunction.

It measures voltage, current and resistance. So you don't need to take multiple measuring tools with you. Finally, the multimeter guarantees you a double protection . Not only is it used for the protection of the user, but also that of the device that the latter is troubleshooting. It is used to protect you from an electric shock and to prevent the device you are testing from experiencing a possible short circuit. After knowing the added value of the digital multimeter, you will need to be able to select your product efficiently.

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Choosing a multimeter: the criteria for selection

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It is advisable to check a number of parameters before purchasing a digital multimeter. Since we've just covered the issue of protection, it is a good idea to first check the protection your instrument offers. The product you are about to buy must ensure the security of your devices. These must in no case deteriorate due to improper handling of your device. The next step is to examine the functionality of the accessory. It all depends on what you are looking for. There are multimeters with a thermometer, others with the remote test function. Choose a product that offers a host of features.

In addition, the multimeter can be analog or digital . Each system has its peculiarities. But since we are in the digital age, it is recommended to choose the corresponding system. The digital option has more advantages than the analog system. However, the choice is yours according to your sensitivity. After choosing the option you want, you need to appreciate the measurement range of the product. Your tool should be able to determine both voltage, current, etc. Finally, you need to take a look at the price, something you could also do if you had to choose a jigsaw or any other DIY tool, electronic or not. This setting should not only match your budget, it should also match the quality of the product.

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Buying a product at a good price is not always easy. However, you will be able to achieve this if you order your item from the right place. Amazon is a well-known online shopping site around the world. You will find an impressive variety of products there. Choose from models of multimeters sold by various suppliers. To guide you in your choice, you have access to product descriptions and opinions from users who have tested the items offered. Ordering on Amazon is quick and easy. If you want to postpone your purchase, you have a virtual recycle bin. You can put the products that interest you.

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