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The best shockproof waterproof smartphones: comparison 2021

Best Resistant Smartphone Models

A tough, durable smartphone is a smart laptop like any other, but it's also built to withstand the harsh conditions that regular smartphones can't. It must be said that this is the type of laptop to favor for those who work in difficult conditions or people who live in environments exposed to dangers and shocks. The rugged smartphone can also be used as a spare phone when you are traveling. It should be noted that these unbreakable smartphones have been tested in military conditions and are resistant to all types of inclement weather and shock. These are laptops that are waterproof and can remain buried in shallow water for a limited period of time. In this article, you will discover the comparison of these ultra-resistant smartphones which operate in 4G with most French telephone networks.

What are the most resistant smartphones on the market in 2021?

We have tested a wide range of unbreakable smartphones, after these tests, four models caught our attention.

The Blackview BV8000 Pro is a model that is really very solid . It’s also a model that offers great value for money and is really durable. It should be added that this smartphone is the improved version of the Bestseller Blackview BV7000. The latter is still relevant and is also a good choice for a shatterproof smart laptop. The Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 is a model that combines good design, strength and resistance. It is therefore a model that often has a lot of followers. The latest model, the Nomu S10 is ideal for small budgets. Indeed its price is low but it is solid and resistant.

Shockproof smartphone Blackview BV8000 Pro

This model which is the favorite of editorial is a product that is more developed than other unbreakable smartphones. This can be explained by the fact that it is the successor model of another unbreakable, already very reliable smartphone, the BV7000. The Blackview BV8000 Pro has some very good features. Indeed the processor of the phone is a Mediatek MT6757 equipped with four cores. The laptop has 6 GB RAM for 64 GB internal memory which can even go up to 256 GB with the addition of an external memory card. It should be noted that the definition of the camera is 16 megapixels and that the screen is full HD high definition. The device is also equipped with a fingerprint sensor and therefore has the IP-68 standard. The Blackview brand has placed particular emphasis on quality when designing the BV8000 Pro model and it really delivers on all of its promises in this regard.

Indeed , this notebook was designed with a metal frame and end caps. These are the elements that make the model particularly strong and resistant to dust and water. It should still be noted that this hyper strength makes the laptop heavier and that the battery is doomed. There are a large number of screws on the phone case, which further strengthens the model. It must be said that the case is quite solid because it is impossible for a human being to fold it with his hands. There are also screws at the SIM card slot which is covered with a flap. The slot for the memory card is secured with four screws. The laptop screen is high definition and its size is 5 inches. However, the device is heavier than a 5.5 inch phone. This bulk is due to the devices put in place to make the device more solid. This can quickly become a handicap, especially for people with small hands. There are five buttons on this unbreakable phone. It must be said that two of these buttons are for power, two more for adjusting the sound and the last button is used for the camera. On the right side of the device, you will find the fingerprint sensor that is used to unlock the laptop. This model has very good sound quality and its 4180 mAh battery lasts for several days. It only takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery. It is also a product which works very well in 4G mode and which is equipped with a GPS connection.

Finally, it should be noted that this unbreakable smartphone is a very solid and reliable product. It also combines power and a relatively attractive price. Indeed, it is difficult to find a phone of this quality for less than 300 euros.

Mobile phone Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4

The South Korean electronics firm is the only giant in the field to bring a durable smartphone to market. It must be said that the brand has already released the bestseller Xcover 3 which has been improved to give birth to the Xcover 4. The strong point of this latest model is not its weight, of 172 grams, but it compensates with a very pleasant appearance. . This notebook which is made of a rubber coating is very resistant to any type of shock and suitable for extreme conditions. The screen size of 1280×720 pixels is typical for this type of laptop. Even if the laptop at first glance does not seem solid enough, it must be said that it is equipped with the IP68 standard. The device can also stand for 30 minutes in water 1.5 meters deep. It should also be noted that the phone has had MIL-STD-810G certification. This means that the device is able to withstand the sea at low pressure with very high or very low temperatures. However, we notice that the laptop does not have protection for the USB ports. However, the phone battery can be replaced. The phone runs on the latest generation Android 7.0 system. The product has a 2 GB RAM memory for a storage space of 16 GB size. A memory that you can supplement with an external memory card. We still regret the quality of the call which is not smooth. Likewise, the loudspeaker is a little silent, which can get in the way in places where the noise is loud. As for the camera, it has a resolution of 13 megapixels. Regarding the warranty, the brand offers a period of 2 two years for its product. It should be added, however, that the two-year warranty does not apply to the battery, charger and USB cable. Indeed the last two are guaranteed for a period of 6 months and the battery for one year.

Blackview BV7000 waterproof smartphone

The second Blackview smartphone in our ranking is a truly versatile product. This product which is the upgraded version of BV6000 model. The BV7000 model also looks better than the BV6000 laptop. The Blackview brand which is gaining more and more popularity in France has made this model very light. This reduction in size was felt in the battery, which was losing power. However, the model is still very water resistant as it is certified to IP68 standard. The laptop is also very resistant against dust. Regarding the characteristics of the laptop, it should be noted that the latter has a RAM memory of 4 GB, a storage memory of 64 GB and its processor is a four-core model. The device has three buttons for making various settings. The 5-inch screen is also large enough for a laptop of this type. The camera is rated at 13 megapixels and it should be added that this model is suitable for combining LTE and Wi-Fi.

The Nomu S10 solid phone

 The last product in our classification is very water resistant, which earned it the distinction of IP68 standard. The laptop has a very autonomous 5000 mAh battery. This model with a fairly soft design is intended for those who work in extreme conditions, especially in areas where it is not easy to charge your phone. However, it must be said that the phone is still quite heavy because of the weight of its battery. The manufacturer has taken care to design almost the entire laptop with rubber. This makes the fall of this model difficult in usual situations. The laptop is equipped with a few keys to adjust the volume and to turn the mobile on or off. The speaker can be seen on the back of the phone, while the earphone or headphone jack is on top. Finally, it should be remembered that this very resistant model has very good sound quality. Its screen is a 5-inch model and the 13-megapixel camera is really ideal for taking pictures in difficult conditions.

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