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The best iPhone 6 and 6S cases: Complete 2021 comparison!

TOP 3 of the best iPhone 6 and 6S cases of 2021

When we think of Apple brand smartphones, we automatically think of their performance and their pretty design. However, it also evokes their fragility. Of course, this does not only apply to Apple smartphones, all cell phones of our time are affected. And for good reason, dropping an iPhone 6 or 6S on the ground, it could cause great damage. The screen can shatter, the back cover can crack … All of this can render your device unusable. Buying an iPhone 6 or 6S is a certain financial investment.

So rather than ending up with a phone that no longer works, add a few extra dollars to offer you a protective shell. In the past, protective cases weren't specially used, but nowadays few people do not have them. And for good reason, the prices of smartphones are increasing more and more, as are other high-tech equipment such as 4K televisions or the 3D printers for beginners , it is therefore better to take precautions by investing in a protective shell. But then, which shell to choose for your iPhone 6 or 6S? Should we favor certain models over others? Here is our complete guide to the best iPhone 6 and 6S cases.

Comparative table of the best-selling iPhone 6 and 6S cases at the moment

Some tips for choosing the right iPhone 6S case and 6

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Before presenting our 5 best iPhone 6 and 6S cases of the moment, we would like to give you some advice to help you choose your protective case.

Indeed, this accessory will protect, more or less, your smartphone. It is therefore necessary to choose a shell carefully, based on certain fairly important criteria. And for good reason, depending on the model you choose, the protection will not be the same. And models of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 cases, there are thousands on the web .

Therefore, you will first have to focus on the hull model. There you have the choice between the classic case, the protective cover and the protective case. The latter offers complete protection while the classic shell only protects the back side of the iPhone 6. Other types of protection exist such as screen protectors, waterproof cases, adhesive cases …

Comparison iphone 6 case After determining which type of case is best for you based on your needs and your smartphone user profile, you will need to choose a material. Unsurprisingly, there are cases made with many materials such as silicone, plastic, steel, wood, leather … Just like for the shell model, the choice of material will influence the quality of the protection. .

Then you can base yourself on the design of the case as well as its price. Indeed, some cases are more expensive than others, so the case must be within your budget. But keep in mind that if, for example, you want very good protection by opting for a leather case, the price will be higher than for a conventional silicone case. So take the time to choose your case because it is a very important accessory that will extend the life of your iPhone 6 or 6S.

The 5 best iPhone 6 and 6S cases of the moment

If despite all our advice you still have difficulty finding the best case for your iPhone 6 or 6S, here are some models that we recommend:

The Sunnycase case

Are you looking for a classic flexible silicone case that will protect your iPhone 6 from shocks? Then the Sunnycase case will be perfect for you. This case is transparent and has rhinestones, which will make your smartphone quite elegant. In addition, this shell is very easy to clean. But that's not all, this case is also very thin, which makes it very ergonomic.

The Glas.tR Slim Spigen screen protector

In terms of protective accessories for iPhone 6 and 6S, we couldn't help but tell you about screen protectors. Indeed, these protections come in addition to the classic shells which only protect the back of the phone. Thus, this screen protector takes the form of a tempered glass pane. Very sturdy, this glass does not keep fingerprints, therefore, it will always remain clean.

The Vakoo case

This leather case will offer you a very good protection for your iPhone 6. Thin and resistant, this case also has slots to store your cards or tickets. In addition, it is possible to fold the case down to make it a stand, very practical for watching videos on your smartphone without having to hold it in your hand.

The Griffin Survivor case

If you do a lot of sports, hike or travel a lot, then you need a tough and durable protective case. And precisely, the Griffin Survivor hull fulfills this role perfectly. Made of silicone, this case is able to withstand shocks, vibrations as well as drops up to 2 meters and on hard ground. In addition, this classic case has edges that wrap around the sides of the iPhone 6 to prevent dust, sand or raindrops from entering the ports of your smartphone.

The Lifeproof NUUD

case This is a very interesting protective case, even if it is still a little expensive. Concretely, it protects against water, dust, snow as well as shocks and falls up to 2 meters. Completely waterproof, thanks to this case, your iPhone 6 will be able to remain submerged under water, up to 2 meters for 1 hour. In other words, thanks to this protective case, you will be able to take your iPhone 6 anywhere, which is quite interesting.

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