Shopping cart or market stroller: test, opinion, comparison

Best shopping cart or stroller on the market

Easy to use and practical for shopping, the market stroller has become an accessory essential nowadays. It avoids the side effects associated with wearing shopping bags in the hand or on the back. Its practicality makes it a device in which demand is very high in the trade. The choice is certainly not easy, given the multiplicity of models on the market, but there are criteria to follow to obtain a quality shopping cart.

Comparison of the 5 best shopping trolleys of the moment!

What is a shopping trolley?

The shopping trolley is an accessory allowing to overcome the difficulties related to the carrying a bag during shopping and travel. Indeed, the shoulders and the neck take a big hit, when you carry the bags all the time. This device is therefore timely, to relieve all these painful trips. Thus, you do your shopping in peace and independently. It is also of great benefit to people with disabilities and those in the 3 rd age. With a market stroller, these people can move around easily during their shopping. No matter what type of merchandise you get, or where you go to shop, this very practical material. It has the advantage of making all your trips and transporting your items easier. Note that the use of a shopping cart is also very ecological, because it can be used over a long period.

Favorite: Hoppa 47L Cheap Shopping Cart

This type of cart combines modernity and elegance. It secures you during your travels and has a capacity of 47 liters. No matter what items you get, it's handy. Its cleaning is easy because it is removable cart.

How does the classic shopping cart model look?

 width= Usually made of plastic or steel, the classic shopping cart often has two wheels.He is able to stand on his two wheels, but it is impossible to pull him.It is therefore limited, because when it contains a lot of items, moving it would be difficult for people of a certain age.Also, it is necessarily necessary to bend down before being able to retrieve an item in this type of shopping cart.However, there are also two-wheeled devices having a seat.It is very suitable for people who cannot stand on their feet for long because they can sit up for a moment as soon as they feel tired.It is a very strong, practical cart and has good flexibility.

A shopping cart to support you during your runs

The 4-wheel shopping cart is much easier to use and does not need to be pulled.Thanks to its 4 wheels, it can be easily moved.The other advantage of this type of stroller is that it is possible to fold the two front wheels into a two-wheeled cart and this does not affect its performance and practicality in any way.You don't feel any trouble moving with it, no matter how much errand you run.The 6-wheel stroller is also available on the market.It is the best placed, to facilitate your movements on the stairs.It is also suitable for traveling on sidewalks, making round trips in the metro and getting around places that are difficult to access.You just have to push the cart or pull it according to your need.The system of rotation which it has allows, in fact, to move it without having to lift it.You can also opt for the shopiroll.This is the type of trolley that ensures comfort and safety because it has a parking brake that prevents accidents and a seating system.

How to choose the market stroller?

To purchase your stroller, take into account the following criteria:

  • The price : choose your stroller according to your financial capacity.But, do not be too fair in your calculations because it could be that the quality of carriage you need, requires more financial means.
  • User : Take into account the age of the person who wants to use the cart.Indeed, an elderly person cannot use a cart having the same characteristics as a much younger person.
  • The presence of interior pockets is also an advantage when you have effects to store
  • Ergonomics: a compact cart is more practical to have enough space to put the articles
  • The capacity: depending on the quantity of your shopping, opt for trolleys with a suitable capacity.It will be of no use to you to get a 50 liter cart while your groceries are only 25 liters.
  • Cleaning of your cart should be an easy exercise and not strenuous or bothering.
  • A demountable cart: Choose models where the frame can be moved so that the cart can serve you for other errands such as moving or moving luggage for your trips.
  • The design : since this device will surely serve you for many years, choose a model with a design that will not disgust you over time.There are several very pretty patterns, which will surely make you crack in the trade.

Discover our Top 3 market strollers

Gimi Tris Optical Noir

This Gimi brand shopping cart is waterproof and has 6 wheels.It is convenient for all your groceries, no matter the quantity and can be easily hung on a supermarket trolley.With a capacity of 56 liters, this polyester accessory is suitable for your movements on the stairs.The structure of this device is made of steel.

TecTake Foldable Cart

This foldable polyester cart is practical and easy to use.It is removable and has a large storage space.The TacTake cart is available in several attractive colors.Note also that it has a small compartment to facilitate the storage of your small effects.

INTEY Market stroller 38L

With its capacity of 38 liters, the Intey stroller is 'exceptional strength and resistance. It is a three-wheeled device, made of plastic and having a very nice design. This model is much more practical for young people and easy to move.

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