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Screwdriver drill: comparison & buying guide to choose the best!

TOP 3 of the best screwdrivers of the year

Whether you are a beginner handyman or this is your trade, in all In this case, if there is a power tool that is particularly essential for everyday use, it is obviously the drill screwdriver . This can indeed be used in many situations, as well to hang frames and paintings as to assemble furniture or to carry out small repairs for example. However, as you can imagine, not all drill drivers are the same, hence the importance of making sure you choose the right model. This is why we made a point of providing you with this comparison of screwdrivers which should help you to find the ideal equipment for you more easily.

Comparative table of the 10 best screwdrivers 2018/2019

Why is the drill screwdriver such an essential tool?

The drill screwdriver can be considered as an electric cordless screwdriver in the sense that, to screw, unscrew or drill, you just need to press a trigger, which will also act as a speed controller, after what your power tools will make the effort in complete autonomy. The only real thing you will have to do is hold your device until the end of work, no more and no less. Depending on your needs, you can choose a cordless drill driver or a corded drill, the main differences between these two kinds of tools being the power and autonomy of course.

What may explain why the drill driver is one of the essential power tools, it is because it can be transformed into a real multifunction tool. There are thousands of different tasks that you can accomplish with him, ranging from being able to assemble kit furniture to drilling wood planks to being able to adjust kitchen cabinet doors for example. In addition, compared to the classic screwdriver, the cordless or corded drill driver will save you precious minutes during each use, thus allowing you to go about much more interesting occupations.

Makita HP457DWE10: The best drill driver of the moment

The box drill driver Makita HP457DWE10 is an ultra powerful model of 300 watts that will allow you to overcome of any project very easily and quickly thanks to its exceptional maneuverability. It is indeed a cordless impact drill screwdriver which is delivered in a case filled with accessories of all kinds, ranging from screwdriver bits to forests, of course including a bit holder and a battery charger. Thus, with one and the same purchase, you will have in your possession all the necessary equipment to consider your next work with the greatest possible serenity.

Besides the fact that the Makita HP547DWE10 is equipped with a fast charger, it is the fact that it is particularly ergonomic which allows it to stand out from all the others. Indeed, with a weight of only 1.7 kilograms, it will allow you to work comfortably and with precision. Finally, it is rare to find screwdrivers equipped with so many accessories at such an affordable price. In short, this model of cordless drill screwdriver has it all, and no doubt that by opting for it, your satisfaction will reach new heights.

How to choose the right drill screwdriver?

Comparative drill screwdriver It must be recognized, even if there are dozens of products very different from each other, choosing your drill driver is far from being so complicated than it seems since the selection criteria are relatively few. To get started, you will need to choose between a cordless drill driver or a corded model, which will eliminate a lot of equipment. Then, it will be important that you take an interest in the ergonomics of your device, which notably involves weight. In order for you to be able to work in the best conditions, it is preferable that the weight of your next drill driver is less than two kilograms.

If you have opted for a cordless drill driver, battery and autonomy will be taken into consideration. Ideally, the battery charge should be as fast as possible, but also pay attention to the type of battery. From now on, it is preferable to opt for a lithium ion battery, more efficient and durable than a lead acid battery, and less harmful to health and the environment. Finally, lastly, choosing the right screwdriver should also be done according to the different screwdriver bits offered. These must be perfectly suited to your future needs, otherwise you would unfortunately not be able to take full advantage of your new portable drill driver.

Why is it so important not to choose that the best drill screwdriver?

You have probably already noticed through this comparison of screwdrivers, there are many different models that all display characteristics very distant from each other, although their main functions are the same. By choosing your screwdriver at random, you would unfortunately end up with a device that would not quite suit you because it would not perform with the best precision the jobs you entrust to it. Choosing your drill screwdriver must therefore be the result of a very careful consideration during which you will carefully study all the technical characteristics of each device.

De more, if you are a demanding handyman and you very regularly need to drill or screw, then choose this Bosch professional drill driver model can be a excellent solution since at present it is the device with the best value for money. Finally, keep in mind that in any case, your choice can not be made on the basis of price, but only on the characteristics of your device, knowing that now in most cases to buy a drill Quality screwdrivers are still financially affordable.

Two other very interesting screwdrivers to discover

Bosch IXO V: The best inexpensive cordless screwdriver

The Bosch IXO V screwdriver could be a hit with you if you are looking for inexpensive DIY tools that still know how to stand out reliable and discreet, eliminating the need for a construction noise reduction helmet . Indeed, with its 54 watts, it will be perfectly suited to all the screwing work that you want to entrust to it, especially since it is delivered with 10 different screwdriver bits to be able to face any task. .

However, be careful because unlike many other models, the Bosch IXO V cordless screwdriver does not have the function of electric drill. Despite everything, it remains extremely practical, especially since it is a compact screwdriver that you can take everywhere with you and which turns out to be really easy to use. You will have understood it, for all your small daily jobs, this equipment will be essential in your eyes.

Teeno PSR 21V: The drill screwdriver at the best quality/price ratio

The Teeno PSR 21V drill screwdriver is a model that is likely to leave you speechless as its quality/price ratio is exceptional. Indeed, it is equipped with many accessories, which will allow it to carry out any mission with disconcerting ease. A total of more than 35 accessories are available such as screwdriver bits, drills of course or even a mini adjustable wrench for example. What also makes the Teeno PSR 21 volts so interesting is the fact that it is a compact drill driver that you can even use in places known to be. difficult to access. In addition, the device and its accessories can be stored in a single plastic case, making you more comfortable and organized. To conclude, if you are looking for the screwdriver with the best quality/price ratio, look no further, the Teeno PSR 21V is for you.

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