Recipe Heating blender Squash soup

Squash soup

Want to prepare a squash soup? Nothing could be easier with a cast iron casserole dish or a heating blender.

The ingredients for a squash soup (6 people)

One and a half kilograms of squash. Two white onions (medium size). Three large potatoes. A cube of meat (beef or chicken, as you wish).

Preparing your squash soup

 width= After peeling your squash, cut them into large cubes or quarters, the same for the potatoes.Cut the onions into large strips, then place all the cut ingredients in your casserole dish.Add more water (fill your casserole dish halfway), season, then bring to a boil.When the water is simmering, add the meat cube, cover your casserole dish and simmer for 45 minutes over low heat.All you have to do is mix everything before serving.If you prepare your squash soup with a Cuisinart heated blender , it gets even easier.Put all the ingredients in your blender, choose a “soup” program, and let the blender do all the work for you.

To vary the flavors

Do not hesitate to add fresh cream or spices at the end of cooking.

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