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Personal scales: various models, reviews and best comparisons

Best Top 3 Personal Scale

We used to use the scale-classic person to measure his weight. It was more used in hospitals and in gyms. Over the years, it has become essential because it allows you to know your weight and thus monitor your line to have a dream figure as shown in this person weighing site . Today, it is installed anywhere: in the bedroom, the bathroom, in his office… Some time later the electronic bathroom scale appeared, which spread very quickly because it was more practical and ergonomic. However, the bathroom scale has become one of the best-selling instruments in the world. There are all sizes and shapes on the market, so much so that you can't find yourself when you want to invest.

Renpho: The best-selling connected scale this year !

The Renpho Connected Scale is a particularly complete model that will suit all types of users because it sounds so many different functionalities available to you. Indeed, to turn it on, you will just have to climb on it, as usual, after which it will immediately begin its calculations. Then, when the operation is finished, you just need to get off it so that it turns off automatically. But if the Renpho connected bathroom scale is the most popular model of this year, this can also be explained above all by the fact that it is a piece of equipment with which you can truly monitor your health and this ultra precise.

To be able to analyze all the data relating to your weight and the constitution of your body, the Renpho connected scale must be synchronized by bluetooth to your smartphone or on your tablet. Then, after each weigh-in, you will simply need to open the free Renpho app to access all of your data. And from that moment on, you will understand why the Renpho Connected Scale is so popular. Thanks to it, in addition to knowing your exact weight, you will be able to know your BMI, your RMC, your bone mass or even the weight of your skeletal muscle for example. And as if that were not enough, the brand offers to record all this data in order to display evolution curves that will help you to know precisely where you are.

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All about the diagnostic bathroom scale and connected scales

Unlike a scale used to weigh animals, parcels or valuables, the diagnostic bathroom scale is only used for humans. For added strength, it is made with materials such as metal and glass. The impedance scale or the connected scale are measuring instruments that allow you to control your weight . They are as much related to the health as to the well-being of one's body. To be more explicit, some monitor their weight for any disease and others use it to refine their height.

The first scales were mechanical, a button or a dial was used to activate the device for a start. To check your weight, you just need to climb up and observe the weight that corresponds to your body. Recent scales are automatic on both power-on and data display. Several other features are also added, now you can calculate calorie needs, water mass, bone and fat. Diagnostic scales and smart scales are often designed to accommodate furniture more easily and serve as a backdrop thanks to their attractive design.

Comparison of the 10 best connected scales of the moment!

The different types of scales

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The most popular bathroom scale inevitably remains the mechanical bathroom scale even if it is true that in recent years it has tended to disappear in favor of connected scales and bathroom scales impedance meters. It is the very first and continues to be the most common. It has a classic shape and has a needle system that moves when you decide to step on the scale. On the other hand, its defect is that it will indicate the current weight with a difference of 300g close.

However if it is still as popular, it is simply because it is very durable and compact. Very often sold at an affordable price, it is also economical because it does not use batteries or any other power source. There are also scales on the market that use energy sources such as batteries, batteries or solar energy.

The electric scale

Also called display scale , the electric scale is the best-selling model since it has, among other things, the advantage of being efficient and ergonomic. Its ignition and operating system is quite practical with precision in the weight display. It often runs on an electric battery and can withstand a maximum load of up to 180 kg. It often has a very comfortable design allowing it to be installed anywhere you want with the advantage of having a decorative effect.

If the electric bathroom scale is very popular, it is also because it is the most economical of all. For only a few euros, you will be able to offer yourself a quality model. But what also explains that such equipment is so inexpensive, it is also the fact that it offers only one and the same functionality , that of calculating your weight. Unlike the other kinds of scales which will follow, the electric bathroom scale does not offer to detail the various data concerning you or even to transmit them to you on a smartphone application.

The impedance meter

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The p human body weight monitor is a much more complete device than the previous one. It is currently very popular because in addition to its primary task of calculating weight, it also calculates the rate of fat, muscle, bone and even the percentage of water in the body. To give the results, it sends a low intensity of current through the muscle tissue. You must first record your weight, size and gender to get your results. However, it is not recommended to use it on children under 7, pregnant women and patients with a pacemaker.

The impedance scale is therefore a fully fledged health equipment , as can be the massage cushions Shiatsu for the back , in the sense that it will help you to really know all the data relating to your weight, and in the most precise way possible. This is what explains why now, a good number of practitioners in the field of medicine equip their practices with an impedance scale. Finally, even if it is very complete, the impedance scale is still very affordable financially, its price being generally less than 50 euros.

The connected scale

Finally, the connected personal scale is quite simply the best in this category since, in addition to being complete and ultra precise, it allows you to be able to analyze all your data subsequently directly from a PC, tablet or smartphone. And for good reason, when you get on it, the first feat that the connected scale achieves will be to recognize you. At the end of the weighing, you will then receive all your data on your high-tech device and can therefore take the time to analyze them quietly from your sofa. From your fat mass to your BMI through your weight, you will know everything with perfect reliability.

But so that the data you receive is easily actionable, applications provided by smart scale manufacturers are designed to make your job easier. Indeed, thanks to graphs, tables or evolution curves, in the blink of an eye, you will be able to know exactly your evolution , which will help you to make the arrangements necessary to improve them or to know without a shadow of a doubt whether your objectives have been achieved or not. In short, if you really want to monitor your weight and health, then choosing a smart scale is the best decision you can make.

iTeknic: The best affordable FitTrack connected scale!

You don't want to have to use all your savings to get yourself a FitTrack connected scale? Then the iTeknic connected bathroom scale is the model for you. Half the price of the FitTrack model and yet offering very similar functionalities, this device will offer you many advantages thanks to which monitoring your weight and your health has never been so easy. Indeed, in just thirty seconds, you will know exactly your weight, your BMI or even your fat mass and will obviously have all this data on your mobile application thereafter.

The iTeknic connected scale is one of the best-selling models on the internet, and all this success is well deserved since it is an ultra reliable and highly reliable connected bathroom scale. precise whose price is particularly competitive. By developing this connected scale, the brand has proven to the whole world that it is not necessary to break the bank to afford a quality bathroom scale. So, even if your budget is very tight, iTeknic offers you the possibility to take care of yourself despite everything. And no doubt that after testing the iTeknic connected scale, you will know that you made the right choice.

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Criteria for choosing a good bathroom scale

Whatever type of bathroom scale you want to buy, it is best to check certain criteria according to your needs. Indeed, from one device to another, many differences exist, and of course, your final satisfaction will largely depend on the characteristics offered by your connected scale or your bathroom scale. This is why we invite you to take into account the different criteria for choosing a scale that we have listed for you below.

The reliability of the scale-personal and its precision

From one model to another, you will notice it during your research, the bathroom scales impedance meters or connected scales do not offer all exactly the same reliability and precision. Indeed, while some of the best connected scales offer gram-accurate weight accuracy, others indicate that the potential margin of error may be as much as 100 grams. Of course, when you weigh yourself you want to know your exact weight and not just an estimate of it. This is why we invite you to inform yourself precisely about this characteristic.

The same goes for the reliability of the connected scale which must also be the best you can be . This reliability concerns in particular the calculation of your body mass index or your fat mass. However, brands do not communicate much on this criterion, which is why it is best to consult a few customer reviews before making your choice to ensure that the model of scale you choose in the end is recognized as being really reliable. .

The maximum weight supported and ease of use of your scale

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On average, the maximum weight supported by a scale or a connected scale varies between 120 and 140 kilograms. But there are also more solid models that will suit overweight people who can then take advantage of all the features of such equipment in order to facilitate their weight loss. If you are in this category of people, this criterion is obviously extremely important because if you weigh more than the maximum weight you can support, your scale will simply be useless.

It is also important that the connected scale or the impedance scale you choose is the easiest to use so that each weighing can be compared to a simple formality. It is essential that the settings and other functionalities are intuitive and that ideally they are managed independently. Concretely, consider that a good connected scale, it is a scale on which you just have to climb to know all the data concerning your weight, as the old retro mechanical scales could propose.

The design and the general quality of a good connected scale

As you will see in your research, there are connected scales of all shapes and colors, although most of them are square and glass. But according to your tastes, you can also choose a rectangular or circular bathroom scale or with more original geometric shapes. The same goes for colors. The vast majority of these scales are black, white or gray, but you can also choose green, pink or even blue.

Finally, the last criterion for choosing a connected scale obviously concerns the quality, which must be the best possible. As you might do during the purchase of a massage table or during the choice of a blackhead vacuum cleaner , take the time to learn about the general quality of the product in which you will invest your money. If too many customers are complaining about the quality, just go your way rather than take the risk of buying a model that breaks down too quickly, which would obviously reduce your investment to nothing.

Withings/Nokia Body +: An exceptional connected scale!

The connected scale Withing Nokia Body + is an extraordinary device that will allow you to know with the greatest precision which is the entire composition of your body. Since its inception, the Withings connected scale has been the number one model in Europe, and the fact that it works with the Nokia Body + application is a serious guarantee of quality. Thanks to it, you will be able to know in a few seconds your weight but also the percentage of fat mass, muscle mass, bone mass or even water mass for example. All this data will then be directly transferred to your smartphone or tablet so that you can analyze it in peace.

But if the connected scale Withings/Nokia Body + is considered as so exceptional, apart from its reliability, it is also because it offers you a follow-up of your diet thanks to a monthly or weekly calorie budget that you can define according to your various goals of weight loss or gain. Finally, the Withings Nokia Body + connected scale can also be considered an intelligent scale in the sense that it automatically recognizes users. As soon as you step on it, it will know it's you and will therefore send the data to your own smartphone. In short, if you want to quickly find the best connected scale, then buying the Withings is the best thing to do!

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