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Our opinion on the Senseo Viva coffee maker for large cups!

Coffee machines are innovative tools that help you brew a cup quickly. There are several brands of coffee machine in stores, but the Philips brand Senseo models are the most popular among consumers. Let’s find out in the strengths of the Philips Senseo Viva coffee maker .

Features of the Senseo Viva coffee maker

 Test Senseo Viva The Senseo Viva coffee maker is the best coffee maker in the Senseo range, it combines the basic characteristics of the range. It is a tool whose detachable parts can be easily disassembled and washed. It is fast, efficient and convenient, you can brew several cups of coffee at once. Despite its low pressure of 1.5 bar, this machine will do wonders. This is the ideal coffee maker for two people who want a coffee maker that can last for a day. Even though its 0.9-liter tank is smaller than the brand’s Senseo Quadrante model, the Senseo Viva can give you eight cups of coffee.

Unlike the Senseo Twist which has a LCD display , this model is equipped with three buttons on the cup rest which makes handling easier. Likewise, the positioning of the spout can be easily changed, so you can use any cup to serve yourself. Whether you use a mug or a cup with saucer, it will be very easy for you to use this machine. As for the colors, the model is available in several colors including water green, duck blue and powder pink.

Why use the Senseo Viva coffee maker?

The Senseo Viva coffee maker is very easy to use, you don’t need a lot of knowledge to operate the machine. You just need to press the ON button on the machine after inserting the pod. Then you will choose the number of cups of tea you want by pressing the button. The operation is very simple, it’s a snap. For the number of pods, insert two pods if you want two cups of tea. Likewise, the Senseo Viva coffee maker makes your drink a snap. In less than a minute, you have a warm, sweet drink ready to sip. You won’t have time to sit down to get your coffee ready. The preheating time is no more than 40 seconds , and you will only have about 20 seconds to serve your drink. It is a real machine that can urgently produce a very sweet tea for you. Note that between two cups, the machine needs a preheating time of 25 seconds.

In terms of functionality, the Philips brand has innovated in equipping the Senseo Viva and Senseo Viva Café coffee makers with a new functionality to optimize the aroma diffusion. In fact, the infusion method has been revised, the water no longer falls in a trickle on the pod, but the latter sprinkles the entire surface of the pod. Thus, thanks to this efficient distribution method of hot water, you will have a hot drink richer in aroma. Whatever the drink (coffee, chocolate, tea, etc.), this method will give you the best aromas. You have several pods for different drinks. Likewise, this machine will allow you to prepare hot chocolate in a few seconds without any external input. Give this little gem to your children to satisfy their desire for hot chocolate anytime.

What we think of the Senseo Viva pod coffee maker

 Senseo Viva Reviews This coffee maker is the perfect machine for you, it is practical, easy to use and very easy to maintain. Its removable spout allows you to serve the drink in any cup without splashing the tea or coffee on the floor. In terms of perfume, the machine allows optimal diffusion of the aroma. You can afford this coffee maker from 60 euros, but the price varies depending on the color. This price corresponds to the mid-range electric coffee maker available in the market. On the one hand, its reservoir allows you to have drink all day for two people.

On the other hand, its infusion process allows you a more complete diffusion of the aroma . In addition, its removable spout allows you to use any type of cup to take coffee without spilling the drink on the floor. Considering the capacity of the reservoir and the removable condition of the spout, we can say that buying this material is a good investment. Likewise, the purchase price of Senseo pods is lower than the price of other pods. With this machine, you will be entitled to a wide range of coffee and hot drinks without a large financial investment.

Senseo Viva the best coffee maker for the price/quality ratio

The Senseo Viva electric coffee maker is a practical, fast and efficient mid-range machine. It has a wide variety of pods and is easy to use. Its multiple colors will adapt perfectly to the decoration of your rooms. It is sold at an affordable price and is very easy to maintain.

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