Our advice for choosing the best ash vacuum cleaner?

Best ash vacuum cleaner: Top 4

The ash vacuum cleaner is ideal for collecting ash from a fireplace , wood stove or a barbecue . It differs from a traditional broom vacuum cleaner by its ability to efficiently clean ash. Specialty stores offer a wide variety of ash vacuums. They all have peculiarities that distinguish them from one another. Find in this article the main types of ash vacuum cleaners as well as the criteria to take into account to make your choice. Also discover the selection that we offer to guide you.

Our favorite models of ash vacuum cleaners

TecTake Cheap 20L ash vacuum

Bagless Chimney Ash Vacuum

The main ash vacuum cleaners

Three types vacuum cleaners are still available in specialized stores.
  • The empty ash container
It comes under shape of a tank that you can easily connect to your vacuum cleaner. In reality, it is not a real ash vacuum cleaner. Think of it more as an accessory. Generally, it remains impractical. In addition, its effectiveness depends mainly on the vacuum cleaner to which you connect it. Its maintenance is quite complex.
  • The motorized tank
It includes an engine, as well as a filter which recovers and stores dust. Equipped with a cover, it is only suitable for ash extraction. Not very efficient in use, it also requires recurring cleaning after each use.
  • The multifunction ash vacuum cleaner
It stands out for its versatility . It is used for collecting ash from a fireplace, stove or cheap charcoal barbecue . You can also use it to clean dust on all types of floors. Manufacturers offer a variety of multifunction ash vacuum cleaners. The Vera X308 remains the least expensive. You can acquire it for less than 50 €. The WB6P Premium is one of the most complete models. It can also collect liquid.

Chimney vacuum cleaner, the criteria to be taken into account for your choice

 width= You must select a high-performance equipment suitable for your needs.To achieve this, a number of criteria must be taken into account.
  • The power of the ash vacuum cleaner
It is expressed in watts .It allows to know the capacity of the selected material.This serves as an indicator of its potential performance.Choose an ash vacuum with at least 1000 watts.Below this it will not work perfectly.
  • The capacity of the ash vacuum cleaner tank
account of this criterion matters enormously.Indeed, a receptacle of considerable capacity will prevent you from recurring emptying.But, you can very well choose a small tank with an easy to open tank.But, a large bag can quickly become bulky.So choose a compact model if you live in a small space.
  • The size of the ash vacuum cleaner hose
Choose equipment with a malleable flexible .Thus, you will be able to handle it quite easily and enjoy real freedom of movement.
  • The various functions of the ash vacuum cleaner
Your choice must also take into account other parameters.Thus, a simple tank or an automated ash vacuum remains the best choice if you already have a conventional vacuum cleaner.Otherwise, opt for a multifunction ash vacuum cleaner.
Certain models can also have other rather interesting accessories such as the blower or a connection for tool.Other ash vacuum cleaners have a hose that you can connect to portable power tools such as a sander or grinder.You also have the possibility of finding equipment which has a power variator.They may also have a system for unclogging the filter.
  • The price of the ash vacuum cleaner
The prices ash vacuum cleaners depend primarily on their functionality.The most efficient models turn out to be the most expensive.

In which types of cases is the ash vacuum cleaner particularly recommended?

Very often, the ash vacuum cleaner is used as a vacuum cleaner construction site since, because it is very resistant, it can quite suck up debris linked to your work, such as wood or cement residues for example, from the moment these materials are dry.But it may also be that you have equipment in your home that generates ash, and which can only be cleaned with such a device.Indeed, if you vacuum barbecue ash with your traditional vacuum cleaner for example, the fine particles could get lodged in the motor, causing irreversible failure of the latter.For example, it is possible that you have a pellet stove or a Our selection of the best ash vacuum cleaners

We have taken into account the results of our tests and essential criteria to offer you this list of the best ash vacuum cleaners.

Karcher WD6P Premium ash vacuum cleaner

This multifunction equipment is quite efficient and efficient. Its 2000 watt motor impresses with its power. Its dimmer helps you adjust its capacity to the tasks at hand. You can use it for the recovery of ash from your fireplace or stove. It is also suitable for cleaning dust and liquids . You will appreciate its 30 liter tank. You won't have to empty it frequently. It is very ergonomic with its 4 wheels. You will have the possibility to move it at your convenience. In addition to collecting ash, it also cleans dust from floors and sucks up liquids. You will also be able to exploit it at the building sites. It connects quite easily to a portable power tool. So don't hesitate to connect it to a sander or grinder. In addition, you have the option of using it as an extension cord. This type of ash vacuum can work with or without a bag. As a result, it can recover waste or liquids . Easy to use, it is also practical. You can remove its filter easily, and its cartridge can be changed easily. Its blower allows the leaves to be detached to remove them. It is also used for cleaning up considerable dust. The Karcher WD6P Premium ash vacuum cleaner is a fairly efficient piece of equipment.

Karcher AD3 Premium ash vacuum cleaner

It is also a multifunction model . Equipped with 4 wheels, it performs 360 ° rotary movements. This gives you the option to take it anywhere in your house. It has a 17 liter steel tank as well as a steel hose and hose. You can use it to collect hot ash without any risk. Its aluminum nozzle is used to store the collected ash while the broom nozzle mainly collects dust and other debris. The Karcher AD3 Premium ash vacuum cleaner is suitable for cleaning hard to reach areas . Indeed, its long nozzle can reach every nook and cranny to clean them. Its motor has a power of 1200 watts which gives it more or less efficiency. Robust, this ash vacuum is a solid and durable equipment. You can maintain it without any difficulty. You simply remove its filter to clean it thoroughly. It remains quite popular with users for its undeniable value for money. It has many features in common with the Karcher AD3.200 ash vacuum cleaner. However, it can recover liquids unlike the Karcher AD3 Premium .

Karcher WD3 Premium ash vacuum cleaner

It stands out for its great maneuverability and its ergonomic aspect. Its 4 wheels allow it to be moved anywhere without difficulty. This multifunctional equipment has a tank with a capacity of 17 liters. It also has a sufficiently strong plastic hose , the length of which gives you great freedom of movement. You can use it to collect ashes from a fireplace or stove. It is effective for cleaning dust in your apartment. You also have the option of using it to absorb liquids. It has many accessories, including a broom nozzle and bags for storing liquids and solid waste. The Karcher WD3 Premium ash vacuum is still fairly easy to clean. Its filter requires a fairly recurring maintenance . This equipment also has a blower . With undeniable performance, it offers excellent value for money .

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