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Menstrual cup comparison 2021: reviews, sizes, prices and info

Best menstrual cup: Our selection

The menstrual cup is a device that appeals to more women. It is an item that provides periodic protection during menstruation. It is an alternative to conventional sanitary napkins. More and more used by the fairer sex, this accessory is proving to be more practical and environmentally friendly than the usual protections. Users will therefore be able to move around without any risk during their periods. Do you want to try it out? In this article, we will help you make the choice of a quality menstrual cup .

Let's start with Agnes' opinion on the Lunette menstrual cup

Your 1st impression when you received the menstrual cup?
The box is very green in recycled paper, and the cover is elegant .

How does the product look?
I was surprised, pleasantly, by the product: indeed I saw bigger and there is a small cup of clear transparent blue

What are its strengths?
The material is supple and soft , and discretion assured with the storage pouch if I take it in my travel bag.

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What are possibly things you doubted?
If the pose will be easy and painless!
How and under what conditions you used the product:
In the shower with bent legs.

your opinion, your impress ions, strengths, weaknesses (if there are any!):
Finally she fits pretty well , once you've got the hang of it after 1 or 2 tries.

What surprised you about this product, what confused you?
What did you love?
During the night no long enough night towels, with the cut no stain on my panties.

Any advice you could give to other mothers who want to buy the Lunette menstrual cup:
You must have a perineum sufficiently muscular to hold the cup in place when walking..

Personal comments:
The concept is good, however I only appreciated the cut at night when lying down, in fact despite the towel brands touting extended models I still have my panties stained with them. ..
On the other hand during the day I did not appreciate at all because the cut fell back because my perineum is not sufficiently recovered (I gave birth 8 months ago of a beautiful baby of 4.650 kg…).

Why buy a menstrual cup?

 The menstrual cup is an object that dates from the 1930s. But nowadays it is in great demand because of the many advantages it offers, as is also the case with electric epilators from the brand Braun . The menstrual cup is made of hypoallergenic silicone based medical , a material that does not endanger the woman's body. This is therefore an important asset because being fully respects the vaginal flora while collecting menstrual flow optimally . Women prefer it for its convenience. Unlike tampons or pads, the menstrual cup simply holds your period and maintains vaginal hydration at its optimal level. So you won't have to worry about your vagina drying out or the flora imbalance, which is inevitable with tampons because of their cottony appearance and absorbency. In addition, the menstrual cup is also acclaimed for its very hygienic side.

A menstrual cup is economical and hygienic

The cup period spares you from unwanted odor from your towels. They are the result of the contact of air and clotted blood. However, when you place the cup in your vagina, the blood from your period does not come into contact with air. Consequently, there is a total absence of undesirable scents. The menstrual cup also saves you money over time , as the device can be used for 5 to 10 years. Plus, the accessory is convenient and saves you the hassle of spare devices. The menstrual cup can be held in place for 8 hours without any discomfort. It is less bulky, compact and ecological. You don't need to throw it in the trash after use, just empty, clean and disinfect it before using it again.

How do I choose a menstrual cup?

The choice of a menstrual cup cannot be improvised. Before buying, it is important to analyze several parameters so that you can find the right accessory for you. To do this, start by analyzing the trade mark. This is a parameter that tells you about the quality of the device. It is better to opt for manufacturers with a certain reputation, because they respect quality standards. The second point to analyze is that of the type of material used for the manufacture of the cup. You will have the choice between latex, silicone and TPE cups. For more safety, we recommend the silicone menstrual cup. It is a material for medical use and without risk to health. For other materials, they present allergy risks in some women. Another factor to consider when buying is the size of the cup you want.

Not all women are the same. Based on this principle, the dimensions of a menstrual cup should adapt to your body size. To choose the right size, start by analyzing your menstrual flow. If you have a heavy flow, then it is necessary to opt for a fairly large model (size 2). Also, you must remember to have at least two cuts to ensure spares throughout the day. If on the other hand your flow is normal, a smaller device (size 1) should be suitable for you. In addition to the flow, the size of the vagina plays a determining role in the choice of the size of the device. For young women under 30, as well as those who have not given birth to a child, size 1 is appropriate. For those over 30 years of age and those who have given birth vaginally, size 2 is indicated.

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Where to buy a cup menstruation at the best price?

Digital technology has revolutionized the world. As a result, we no longer feel the need to shop in supermarkets and push our shopping carts or stores physical. Nowadays, you can have your item with just a few clicks, no matter where you are. It is now possible to find your menstrual cup on the web at a competitive price. You can benefit from excellent value for money without having to browse through all the shops. By using the price comparison sites , you are guaranteed to buy your cup at a reasonable cost. In addition, for purchases of a certain value made online, you benefit from home delivery. You no longer need to stand in line to complete the purchase. On an e-commerce site, you place your order from the chair of your home office. After validating the operation, you just have to wait for your package at your doorstep.

Amazon is one of the platforms that we recommend for all your online purchases, including your menstrual cup. The quality of the items offered on this platform and the ease of purchasing operations lead us to advise you. In addition, the site allows you to get a rough idea of ​​the performance and reliability of the desired product. By going through the comments of many consumers, you can easily select an excellent menstrual cup with full knowledge of the facts. You will find these reviews at the end of the page for each product offered on the site. Amazon is also distinguished by its very short deliveries. Its delivery team stands out for its professionalism and speed in delivering orders. All you have to do is choose and order your cup. Be aware of the promotional offers that the merchant site offers throughout the year. Like millions of people, visit Amazon.

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