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Massage table: how to buy at the best price? Our comparison

Massage promotes muscle or nervous relaxation and helps improve the health and well-being of people. It can be practiced in different positions. Practiced on the table, it is far more efficient and more comfortable. With a massage table at home or in the office, you will no longer be forced to move. Useful for both professionals and individuals, this equipment must be able to meet your specific needs. To help you acquire this accessory at an excellent price, we give you some tips.

The best massage tables

Naipo massage table: the editor's choice

The Naipo folding massage table has an aluminum part that weighs only 14 kg. Despite its light weight, its metal structure is stable and strong, and can support a maximum weight of 200 kg. The table can be folded in 3 and have its length reduced by 50 cm, so it takes up very little space and can be stored quickly in its case. The design is ergonomic. Setting up this massage table is easy. The equipment serves both professionals and individuals. The height of the table and the length or width of the legs are adjustable. The legs of the device can be adjusted from 60 to 80 cm. The backrest is adjustable and the side armrests are removable. The table can therefore be used in various positions. This arrangement then offers more flexibility to the masseur.

The massage table designed in aluminum is ergonomic and of high quality. It comes with a storage case that allows it to be transported easily and discreetly. It is easy to adjust the headrest to always guarantee maximum comfort. The mattress is adequate and very pleasant to the touch and to bedtime. It is padded with a luxury high density foam 5 cm thick. The foam is water and oil resistant and is very easy to clean. There is of course a facial cavity, a head support adapted to the shape of the face of each client. The massage table supports are thick and have a double knot. The adjustment possibilities give it maximum comfort. This table is at the same time elegant, solid and very functional.

Comparison Cheap massage table on Amazon

Why buy a massage table?

A massage at the end of the day will allow you to relax and release the pressure after accumulation of stress. However, massage in a salon is expensive. The presence of a massage table at home is therefore advantageous. Whether folding or fixed, traditional or electric, a massage table gives a certain autonomy to its owner. You will no longer need to go to a professional. The latter can massage you at home, in your intimate setting. Naturally, you will spend less on massage costs and can even use the equipment for a long time. With this accessory at home, you can also practice massage.

Most massage tables are foldable and portable. It is ideal for those who would like to take it everywhere. The massage tables are very practical and particularly comfortable. They are light, space-saving and easy to install. Most are made with materials that allow great maneuverability while ensuring a lot of strength and stability. These tools facilitate the work of the masseur who can move freely around the patient. Using and maintaining a massage table is simple. If you want to get the most out of it, you will need to be equipped to choose the right product.

Best folding massage table

How do I choose the right massage table? And for what use?

Pleasure as a couple? Libertinism?

cheap massage table The choice of your table depends on the type of massage desired, as well as the place where you want to perform it. The criteria to be taken into account above all are generally weight, length, width, height, type of use. If the lightweight table is preferred for its easy portability, it should be sturdy to support the weight of the customers. The length (approximately 2 m) and the width (between 60 cm and 76 cm) are often adjustable according to the desired comfort. The table must then have a tensioner to provide more stability to the table.

To choose the massage table that is right for you, it is a good idea to check other aspects. A good massage table should include support for the arms. The backrest must be liftable and equipped with a facial cavity to facilitate the work of the masseur and provide more comfort to the client. The quality of the mattress should not be neglected. The padding should be neither too soft nor too hard. It is better to look to a solid model made from wood or aluminum to enjoy good endurance and foolproof resistance. It is also recommended to choose a table adjustable to various positions, as this is very convenient for a good massage.

Where to buy a massage table at the best price?

You can find massage tables in supermarkets or specialty stores if you choose to buy physically. We suggest you shop on Amazon. Without having to travel, you will be able to review and compare many products. Be sure to take advantage of the flash sales that are regularly launched on the site. Pay attention to Amazon's recommended products. Very popular on the platform, these articles have been successfully tested by other consumers. Ordering on Amazon is quick and intuitive. Subscribe to a “prime?” Subscription to benefit from other unique advantages.

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