How to wash a duvet effectively?

Of all the textiles and upholstery in your home, the duvet is probably the most complicated to wash, which is explained by the fact that it is fragile and bulky at the same time. To allow you to consider this task as a simple formality, we suggest you discover below the two best solutions thanks to which you will be able to clean your duvet easily while having at the same time the certainty of taking care of it. but also to be certain that the results will be irreproachable.

Washing your duvet in a laundromat

 tips for washing your quilt The most suitable solution Often privileged to wash your duvet is to go to a laundromat as there are everywhere in the territory. Indeed, whether you choose a Wash'N Dry laundromat or any other sign, you will benefit from washing machines which offer a large capacity. Thus, it will be possible for you to wash your duvet, whatever its dimensions, knowing that it will not be compacted. Every square centimeter will therefore be perfectly cleaned, ensuring you an irreproachable result.

If you have ever had the opportunity to wash a duvet in a washing machine, no adapted, you must have already noticed that the results obtained were not at all up to your requirements and that some parts could not be washed properly. Thanks to a laundromat, you will no longer encounter this type of problem. Finally, be aware that the price of washing a duvet in a laundromat costs only a few euros, which should therefore have only a very small impact on your budget.

Washing your duvet in the washing machine wash

The second solution is to wash your duvet in your own washing machine. However, this is only possible if the equipment at your disposal offers sufficient reception capacity. This capacity, expressed in kilograms, should ideally be much greater than the weight of your quilt when wet, so that you can be sure that your bed linen can be cleaned perfectly.

If you have a washing machine with a capacity of 4 or 5 kilograms, unfortunately washing your duvet will be impossible. On the other hand, if it offers you a capacity of 8 kilograms or more, it is possible that your duvet can be washed properly. However, when you integrate your quilt into the drum, make sure that it is not too tightly packed, otherwise, once again, the results obtained will not be sufficient.

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