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How to repair a broken roller shutter? Our advices !

The roller shutter is undoubtedly a piece of equipment that allows you to benefit from great comfort on a daily basis. With the simple press of a button, you can open or close it, ensuring that you always have the right light for your needs. But the roller shutter is also both mechanical and electrical equipment which, as a result, can break or fail. In these cases, a repair will be necessary. So that you know how to repair a shutter that no longer works, and so that this act is only a simple formality, we will explain to you through this article how to proceed.

Check the mechanism and power of your roller shutter

 repair your roller shutter yourself If your roller shutter is broken, it may simply be due to a element that blocks the mechanism, in which case you just have to remove it to get your equipment working again. Otherwise, the failure may be due to a defective part that has died, which will leave you no other choice to replace it by purchasing a shutter part rolling from The Shop of the shutter . In any case, before you completely disassemble your equipment, check the outside if you see anything abnormal, which in most cases will solve the problem and save you long hours of work.

It is also possible that your roller shutter no longer works due to a power supply problem. This may for example be the case if the fuse that powers it has blown or if an electric cable is damaged. In a worst-case scenario, the device's own motor could have failed, in which case you will have no other choice but to opt for a blind newer, unless you are an expert in this area and such a fix is ​​well within your reach.

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