How to find the wardrobe cabinet suitable for its interior? Our advices !

TOP 3 of the best wardrobes of the year

Tidying up and organizing your clothes is always quite complex. It is indeed necessary to have sufficient space and most of the time, an imposing piece of furniture is essential. However, it is not always possible to be able to allocate an entire room to your dressing room or even to have the sufficient budget to afford a wardrobe worthy of the name. And this is precisely what explains why in this article, we wanted to present you a comparison of wardrobes . As its name suggests, the wardrobe cabinet is a hybrid piece of equipment that offers the advantages of the wardrobe while being as compact as a wardrobe or a clothes rack. So that you know all about it, we are going to tell you about it in detail, which will also let you know which one is most likely to suit you.

Comparison table of the 10 best wardrobes 2021

What are the advantages of a wardrobe?

The wardrobe is a piece of equipment that has been designed to be able to store all his clothes in a minimum of space, while at the same time allowing them to remain accessible. Forget about the generally bulky classic wardrobes since now you will be able to tidy up and store all your belongings in one and the same place while at the same time benefiting from an elegant product that will most of the time be suitable for the home. room in which you will place it. In addition, as you will see below, there are several kinds of wardrobes, so you are sure to find the one that suits you perfectly.

If the wardrobe is now as fashionable in France, and more widely in Europe, this is also explained by its price. In comparison to a traditional wardrobe, the wardrobe is very affordable financially, its price rarely exceeding 150 euros. To make it a daily or occasional use, the wardrobe will therefore always be able to prove itself adapted to your requirements, and it is very likely that after tasting all the advantages that it offers, you no longer imagine a only second can you do without it as it is practical and economical.

Songmics RTG04H: The best wardrobe of the year!

The Songmics RTG04H wardrobe cabinet is a generous and particularly economical model which will prove to be perfectly essential for your daily life. With its height of 210 centimeters, its width of 108 centimeters and its depth of 58 centimeters, it offers a truly generous storage space that will allow you to be able to store many of your belongings while having the guarantee that they will fit perfectly. protected since a cover is integrated in order that your belongings do not suffer from dust.

The structure of the Songmics RTG04H wardrobe is made from metal, a very rare and particularly welcome characteristic that gives it perfect strength as well as impeccable stability. In addition, the feet can be adjusted if your floor is not perfectly straight. In total, 6 shelves are available to you as well as a wardrobe bar, which means that the Songmics RTG04H is one of the most generous models in its category. To conclude, if you are looking for the best wardrobe cupboard around, now you know what it is.

Should you be tempted by the purchase of a fabric wardrobe?

choose fabric wardrobe If you have already had the opportunity to start your research, then you may have already come across a fabric wardrobe. It is a piece of equipment designed with a plastic or metal structure which is covered with fabric, and which, therefore, is very economical, not to mention the fact that only a few minutes will be needed to assemble or disassemble it. This product can therefore act as wardrobe and dressing at the same time, and in view of its unbeatable price, it is really tempting to equip it, its prices rarely exceeding 50 euros. We therefore wanted to make a point on this subject so that you know if such a decision is good or not to be taken.

Concretely, it is especially about take into account your own requirements. Indeed, if you want your clothes to be stored in a wardrobe worthy of the name, and you like to invest in sustainable products, it will be better for you to choose a more traditional wardrobe. The same is true if you are looking for equipment that you will have to use on a daily basis. On the other hand, if you are looking for additional storage space to store clothes or your bed linen that you rarely use, in this case, the fabric wardrobe is a very interesting alternative since it will keep your things. dry for just a few euros.

What are the criteria for choosing a wardrobe?

Even if they all look the same from Near or far, wardrobes are not at all identical to each other, and choosing the right one is not something that can be done at random. It is indeed necessary to consider a few very specific criteria in order for your satisfaction to reach new heights. And the first of these criteria obviously concerns dimensions. Your next piece of furniture must first be able to fit perfectly into the room that will host it, but it must also correspond to your real needs. Concretely, your next wardrobe must not encroach on your living space. This is why we invite you to take measurements beforehand in order to estimate the maximum dimensions that your next equipment can afford to offer.

Then, wear your attention to the different storage spaces offered by the wardrobe that interests you. Most of the time, such a product offers several shelves as well as at least one wardrobe bar to hang shirts or pants for example. So make sure that this wardrobe will suffice for your needs, otherwise you might be disappointed with your purchase. Finally, it will also be very important that you take an interest in the general quality of the wardrobe. Even if it is not a piece of wooden furniture like we are used to seeing, that does not exempt the wardrobe from having to be the strongest there is. For this, one of the best ways to get an idea is to consult customer opinions which are obviously always very honest and objective.

2 very interesting wardrobes to discover

Songmics XXL: The best inexpensive wardrobe cabinet

The Songmics XXL LSF03H wardrobe cabinet is an incredibly economical model that has great great chances to make all your happiness. It actually benefits from a height of 175 centimeters by a width of 150 centimeters, which makes it one of the most generous in its category. But despite this quality of size, it is also one of the most economical, which will allow you to indulge yourself while effectively protecting your budget.

Designed from a plastic frame, the Songmics XXL LSF03H walk-in closet is certainly not as solid as a classic piece of furniture, however, the brand has obviously been careful to ensure that the quality remains at Appointment. This is also why it has chosen to use a non-woven fabric tarpaulin, a material much more resistant and waterproof than traditional fabric, so that your clothes are always perfectly protected. In short, the Songmics XXL wardrobe is sure to please you!

Langria: The best modular wardrobe

The Langria wardrobe is a model both ultra practical and surprising because it belongs to the very closed category of modular furniture, a very current trend in the field of furniture. Concretely, it is composed of 20 cubes that can be associated with each other very easily, without any particular tinkering, even making the use of a drill screwdriver useless, and that you can place as you see fit. Thus, your piece of furniture will be truly in your image, and of course, you can change the arrangement as many times as you want.

Each cube of the he Langria wardrobe weighs 1.3 kilograms and is 35 centimeters high, wide and deep. This model is currently enjoying unprecedented success, especially since, according to your needs, thanks to its 20 cubes, you can create several different pieces of furniture that you can place in several of your rooms. To conclude, if you like originality, practicality and design, then this Langria wardrobe can only interest you as it is exceptional from every point of view.

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