How to choose the right Heating Blender?

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Appliances occupy an important place in our lives where we never stop chasing time. Home appliance manufacturers get it right, but today there are so many different offers and products that we don’t know where to turn. With the heating blenders that have just arrived on the market, which by the way are essential household appliances, you have to know which criteria to keep in order to make an informed choice.

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A heating blender, what is it for?

A heating blender looks like a traditional blender in every way , but it’s not just for chopping food or emulating sauces. A Heating blender is a type of mixer that allows you, depending on the model, to chop food obviously and to emulate sauces as a multifunction food processor , but also to whip up pasta, snow eggs, to make whipped cream and even, for the most advanced models, to cook your food while mixing it. But it’s also a very good soup maker . Very useful therefore, for soups or soups. We put everything in bulk in his Heating Blender and he cooks for you. It is much more powerful than a traditional blender, it can contain a lot more material (liquid, creams, etc.), in short, a heating blender has nothing to do with a traditional blender. It is therefore important to know how to choose the features that match your needs to choose the right Heating Blender. To choose well, you must obviously compare prices, but also focus on power, versatility, ease of use, reliability and quality of the container (bowl).

What power for my Blender?

You have to distinguish two powers. That of the resistance (it is this that will heat the container of the container), and the power of the motor. The higher the power of the resistance, the faster you can heat the container. However, the power of the motor will have an impact on the speed of chopping and on the overall efficiency of the Blender. Although, in terms of effectiveness, the quality and profiling of tears also matter a lot. In short, the most important thing is to focus on the power of the motor and not on that of the resistance, because even with a low resistance power, your heating blender will not be less efficient. A power of 500 Watts is sufficient for infrequent use and for the preparation of dishes which do not require mixing anything other than cooked vegetables (soup!). On the other hand, for daily use and a wide variety of uses, favor a motor power of 1000 Watts or more.

The Versatility of Heated Blenders

It would be a shame to buy a Heated Blender that cannot do anything other than mix. So you need to ask yourself the right questions and know which features should grab your attention. Here is a list:-Automatic mode (preparing soup for example, which does not require your attention).-The number of gears (at least 3, but no need for more than 5 gears-too many gears=useless.).-Ability to choose the output textures (smooth, liquid, puree mode, degree of mixing, etc.)-Presence of a pulse button (to mix hard foods like nuts or ice cream one after the other).-Safety function (essential when you have children at home).

Ease of use

We don’t buy appliances to complicate our lives, on the contrary, it is to make it easier. It therefore seems obvious to choose a tool that is simple to use, but heating blenders are by definition complex household tools. So, to avoid finding yourself in front of your Heating Blender, without knowing what to do to make it work, remember to look at the number of buttons it has and what they are used for. Features should be as intuitive as possible. In other words, prefer heating blenders with automatic modes (Mixing ice-Puree-Soup-Portage, etc.).

The reliability of a heated blender

 width= In household appliances, a big brand often rhymes with reliability, but you can also go for lesser known brands, provided you take a good look at the guarantees offered. The best thing is all the same to favor the reliability of a big brand like Moulinex or other, because heating blenders are household tools that tend to age badly. The guarantee is a guarantee of quality, but the reputation of a brand is better than anything.

The quality of the bowl of heating blenders

Who says heating blender, says high temperature materials. The blender bowl must therefore be strong and of high quality. Pay attention to the thickness of the container and the material it is made of. For convenience, don’t forget to take bowl capacity into consideration. To help you, know that for one serving (for one person), you need 300 ml of food. So choose the capacity of the bowl according to the number of people you have at the table. For 4 people: 300 ml x 4=1.2 Liter.

The prices of the Heating Blenders:

The prices are very variable, because everything depends on the features you are looking for. Count between 50 and 100 € for standard models and up to more than 300 € for the most advanced models.

Among the brands to favor:

-Thomson, Cuisinart, Kenwood, Philips, Moulinex, Simeo

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