How to choose the right artificial tree?

TOP 3 of the best artificial trees of the year

Christmas without a tree can quickly be a gloomy Christmas. Whether for Christmas or the New Year, the Christmas tree is an element that is not lacking in festive places at the end of the year. In short, these are small, well decorated and bright green trees, which are very often placed in a corner of the house to have at home what is very often called the spirit of Christmas and the end of year. It is not only an interior decoration, but also an important symbol for family and friends. Artificial trees are unique decorations, and their choice is delicate. This is why we offer you in this guide, the tips to choose your artificial tree .

FairyTrees: The best artificial tree for a magical Christmas!

It is an ideal decorative tree for the holiday season. Green in color, it is environmentally friendly, as it can be used and stored for many years, saving the material of manufacture which is very often plastic. This type of tree is also very economical, thanks to its unique acquisition costs and above all the security it offers. In fact, the safety of the FairyTrees artificial Christmas tree is that it is hardly flammable. It will therefore be ideal for decorating and adorning your living room. The most important thing with this type of tree is also its cost. It is therefore not difficult to access, and remains within everyone's reach. Your home will shine brightly.

You don't have to spend enough money to buy yourself an artificial tree anymore. With the artificial Christmas tree, you are sure to get an already decorated tree, with pine cones, 705 branches, as well as artificial snow. You can use it or put it in your home, in your office, or anywhere, but it should be noted that the FairyTrees artificial Christmas tree is a godsend, an opportunity to put the main room of your home in value at the arrival of the holiday season. Its quality is no longer to be proven. It has a stable support which facilitates its installation on the floor or on a wooden cabinet. It is easy to assemble, which makes it special and appreciated by all. It is a fir tree whose needles do not fall. The mounting system of this tree is rather very simple, but above all stable.

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What are all the advantages of an artificial Christmas tree?

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At Christmas, we see enough artificial trees adorned with garlands, glitter and baubles. In many houses it is there and raises certain questions in the minds of the most curious. It is advantageous first of all because it is durable. Indeed, if you are intelligent and good manager, you will be able to use an artificial tree for many years . It will not lose its shine or its beauty. So you won't need to buy a tree every year when you own one that can do the job for many years.

Plus , an artificial tree saves space and space thanks to the fact that it folds up easily. In fact, you will have no problem keeping it after using it over the holiday season. Also, unlike natural fir, artificial fir does not lose its thorns when placed near a heat source. Finally, it does not require any care, and is very easy to store. You will be sure to note the fact that it is easy to decorate and that you decide its shape or style. It is also important to know that the artificial Christmas tree is able to enhance a living room like a good entryway rug on your doorstep or a standing jewelry cabinet with mirror in a bedroom.

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How to choose an artificial Christmas tree?

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The advantages of an artificial tree are well established. It is clear that an artificial Christmas tree is very beneficial. But how do you choose it as the end of the year approaches when you don't know what it is? The first thing to check is if the needles do not drop easily. In other words, we should test the resistance of fir needles . How to do it ? It is enough to rub a branch with one hand. Another important element is to check that the branches are sturdy. If the branches are very light, they are likely to bend very easily under the effect of the decorations which add an additional weight.

Do not buy without see a realistic image or a sample. You must avoid unpleasant surprises. That’s why in the shop, feel the quality of the tree yourself. If you don't know anything about it, seek advice from those close to you, and compare your information with that received from others. Don't forget to take into account the size of the artificial tree as well.

Realistic artificial tree: The 4 best trees

For the magic of Christmas to work, and for your holiday season to be truly unforgettable for both adults and children, the best choice you can make is to buy a realistic artificial tree . It is a tree which, once set up, offers a better rendering than most inexpensive artificial trees, which is due in particular to the fact that its branches are more numerous and more bushy. The density of thorns is on average three times that of a traditional artificial Christmas tree, which inevitably gives you the impression of having a real tree in your home. Indeed, you will not notice any void zones and will not see the structure of your realistic artificial tree either, which will allow you to benefit from an exceptional and truly magical Christmas decoration.

It is important to note that there are many kinds of artificial trees of this type. Depending on your tastes, you can for example choose a white artificial tree, or green with snow effect, or full green for example. And even if it is very realistic, this type of artificial tree is not necessarily more expensive than a standard model. You can actually buy an artificial tree of 180 cm for only a few euros more than a less dense model. And since innovations are also going well in this area, it will be quite possible for you to buy an artificial led tree which, once plugged in, will instantly immerse you in the atmosphere of Christmas. To conclude, if you want this Christmas to be one of the most beautiful in your life and that of everyone around you, then without a doubt, buying a realistic artificial tree is the best decision you can make. .

Where to buy an artificial tree at the best price?

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