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How to choose the best activity tracker? Our detailed buying guide!

TOP 3 of the best activity trackers right now

Exercising is beneficial for your health. However, it is difficult to know if we are progressing without the use of the right tool. Back in the day, a thermometer was enough to tell us how long it took to complete certain activities. Despite its effectiveness, this accessory was limited in terms of functionality. With the technological breakthrough, the activity tracker is a revolutionary gadget that combines the functions of several tools in one accessory. Now widely available, this connected bracelet has sold in the millions. To help you get yours at a good price, this guide gives you some tips.

Willful activity tracker: efficiency at the rendezvous

Available in 9 colors, the Willful connected watch is simple and elegant. Its portable size varies between 15 cm and 22 cm. The connected object is multifunction. The pedometer option helps to count the steps taken and to assess the distance traveled. The accessory has an alarm and above all a monitor that automatically measures your sleep time between 9 p.m. and 8 a.m. the next day. No manual tuning is necessary, as all you need to do is connect your device to your app for all the details. 14 sport modes are integrated into the watch (and the app). It is then possible to monitor the number of calories burned or the time spent on an activity. The Willful connected watch is equipped with new HR sensors that collect the heart rate in real time on the wrists. Just connect it to the VeryFitPro application to view your condition.

The gadget notifies you when you receive a call or notification. The watch vibrates and displays the name of the caller or part of the content of the received message. The fully detachable, thermoplastic rubber strap is highly regarded for its strength and flexibility. The 0.96-inch touchscreen is TFT LCD type, and it displays a standard and color image and automatically turns on when you turn your wrist. The Willful activity tracker uses rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which have a longer life cycle. The charging time varies from 1 hour to 2 hours and its use is 3 to 5 days. This waterproof piece of jewelry works in water. The sedentary reminder option alerts you when you are not moving enough. Finally, it is compatible with Android 4.4 minimum and IOS 8.1 minimum.

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Why buy an activity tracker?

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Still called an electronic bracelet or connected watch, the activity tracker is a trendy high-tech accessory that combines several functions, as can also be the case of waterproof smartphones . In its basic version, it plays the role of a pedometer, that is to say it allows you to count the number of steps taken per day. On this basis, he therefore estimates the distance traveled. It is a recommended tool for people who will be able to measure the intensity of their daily physical activity . This feature can motivate you to be more dynamic, in order to achieve the goal you have set for yourself. These activity tracking accessories are generally small, unobtrusive, stylish, light, precise, etc.

The tracker also shows the number of calories burned. This information can be useful if you want to lose weight and gain muscle mass. The accessory is equipped with a stopwatch, an alarm and even a GPS which will be just as useful in the great outdoors as good hiking shoes . It also measures your heart rate and provides information on the health of your heart. This feature is useful for the runner who is looking to improve his performance while being careful not to overdo it. The other advantage is that the tracker captures movements during the night, in order to provide information on the quality of sleep. This monitoring is necessary because it prevents an accumulation of hours of sleep.

Comparison table of the 10 best activity trackers of the moment

How to choose the right activity tracker?

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Ergonomics are essential. It is important to feel comfortable with the activity tracker, as it is often worn during the day and even during the night. It should therefore be easy to wear and use. Also consider product battery life, as you would if you had to choose a headlamp . Models with batteries are a great option, as they work for 6-8 months. On the other hand, models with battery can last 4 to 5 days after 1 or 2 hours of charge. It is advisable to choose a waterproof activity tracker . This will prevent you from always removing it when in contact with water.

Speaking of waterproofness, choose bracelets with high IP ratings. These indices are used to measure the degree of resistance to water. Not all activity trackers have a screen, but it makes it easier to do this by showing all the data you need to track. The essential function of a bracelet is the measurement of physical activity . To be effective, the tracker must include the main sensors such as the barometer, the accelerometer, and especially the heart rate monitor which will provide the data for your monitoring. Don't neglect the design of the accessory, as you'll be wearing it all the time.

Where to buy an activity tracker at the best price?

We recommend that you order from Amazon. If you are looking for the best brands, you have come to the right place. The platform offers millions of products. Without moving, find your activity tracker among the models sold and compare. Using product descriptions and user reviews, you can choose the right product. It should be remembered that it is also possible to benefit from free delivery in mainland France. Your purchase only has to amount to 25 €. To reassure users who shop on the site, Amazon offers reliable payment methods.

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