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How to Choose a 4K TV: The Best 4K UHD TVs for 2021

Top 3 Best 4K UHD TVs: 2021 Comparison

In the past, budget was the most important consideration when buying 'A television. This was normal, since the screens had almost all the same characteristics. Today, the evolution of technology has spawned several image formats. The budget is certainly still important, but it is no longer the determining factor. To get the most out of technology, you need to have a television that offers good picture resolution. This is now the No. 1 criterion to take into account. The brands compete in ingenuity to market televisions with impressive display resolutions. From High Definition (HD), we have moved on to Full HD and Ultra HD. 4K TV appeared on the market a few years ago with UHD resolution. It currently offers the very best for image quality.

Best cheap 4K TV in the top 10

LG 55C7V OLED UHD: the best 55-inch 4K TV on the market in 2021

The LG 55C7V OLED UHD is a near-perfect Smart TV:

  • Screen size: 139.7 cm (55 “)?;
  • Screen resolution: 3840 x 2160 pixels?;
  • HD type: 4K Ultra HD?;
  • Display technology: OLED?;
  • Screen form: Flat?;
  • Picture format: 4: 3 or 16: 9;
  • Digital signal system format: DVB-C, DVB-S2, DVB-T2.Wifi?;
  • Ethernet/LAN?;
  • Product color: Silver.

It offers a clean design (ultra thin) and impressive image quality.The responsiveness of the panel is also perfect, not to mention the wide viewing angle it offers.However, the lack of backlighting on the buttons of the control is problematic.its price which is at least 2000 euros cools more than one.

4K, what is it?

This is a very high definition digital picture format.4K is still called Ultra HD or UHD.This new display standard is 3840 x 2160 pixels, or four times Full HD. 4K therefore displays more than 8 million pixels on the screen. The larger the number of pixels, the better the image quality.In the cinematic world, this format is also used, but the chosen resolution is 4096 x 2160 pixels.In short, this new display standard is the basis of the success of 4K TVs.

Why buy a 4K UHD TV?

4K TV competes with its predecessors: HD and Full HD TVs.These last two also have arguments to make, but they have shown their limits with the evolution of technology.For example, Full HD TV has a definition of 1920 x 1080.It therefore displays 2 million pixels.The quality of the image is disappointing when approaching the screen: the pixels are clearly visible to the naked eye. With UHD, 4K TV does even better. The pixels are so small on the screen that they become almost imperceptible. This makes it possible to have excellent image quality, close to reality.Film buffs and video game players will be able to treat themselves to unique sensations.As for fans of sporting events, they will let themselves embark on enjoyable adventures.However, before choosing a 4K TV, it is necessary to know certain criteria.

What are the criteria for selecting a 4K TV?

If brand and price are important in choosing a TV.Other criteria should not be neglected:

  • Size?;
  • Panel technology?;
  • Scanning frequency?;
  • 3D technology?;
  • The smart TV offer?;
  • Energy consumption?;
  • Ergonomics.

The size of a TV matters a lot when making a purchase.You have to take into account the size or configuration of the room that will accommodate the television.It feels cramped when the TV is too big for the bedroom.Likewise, a small TV is not ideal for a large living room.For an Ultra HD TV, it is recommended to have a viewing distance of 1.3 times the diagonal of the screen.To put it simply, if the screen size is between 46 and inches, the reversing distance should be between 1.5 and 2 meters.As a reminder, the size of the TV diagonals is in inches, and 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm.Despite its details, the size of a TV also depends on the use you want to make of it.Many people enjoy large screens in order to better enjoy the pleasure they offer.As for the panel technology, it is essential in the video quality of a screen. Today, televisions are equipped with different technologies: LED, Edge LED, Direct (Full) LED, OLED… Plasma and LCD screens have shown their limits and are increasingly rare.

LED technology

The majority of televisions embed this technology.It is a backlighting system for the screen which is carried out using diodes (LED or Light-Emitting Diode).These replace the neon lights on LCD screens.Regarding Edge LED technology, the diodes are placed at the periphery of the screen.Unlike the Direct LED whose diodes are located behind the image in a uniform manner.We recognize certain strengths in LED technology:

  • Enhanced contrast?;
  • Bright colors?;
  • Wide viewing angle?;
  • Low power consumption.

OLED technology

In an OLED TV, each pixel is made up of a diode. And, each diode emits its own light. This makes a single screen made up of an almost infinite number of LEDs.There are many advantages:

  • Excellent image quality?;
  • Exceptional brightness?;
  • Infinite contrast.

Ergonomics and price

Is the television suitable for my needs? Does the remote have any advanced features? Which operating system (Android, WebOS, and Tizen) is right for me? All of these considerations can influence a customer's choice.Added to this, the quality of the TV interface is as important as the design and thinness of the screen.In short, ergonomics take user comfort into account.Finally, your budget will condition the purchase of the TV.

Other criteria for buying a 4K TV

The fluidity of videos depends on one criterion: the scanning frequency or refresh rate.This is the number of images displayed per second on the screen.For example, a 50 Hertz (Hz) television displays 50 frames per second.The higher the frequency, the smoother the video.3D technology brings relief perception from 2D images.Glasses are therefore essential for this technology.Brands offer active glasses and passive glasses for their 4K TVs. Regarding the Smart TV offer, it offers the possibility of connecting to the net from your TV. It also allows you to access YouTube or streaming sites. Reduce the amount of the electricity bill is imperative for many consumers.That's why you have to choose a television that consumes little energy.This is a criterion that many people overlook, because they are focused on other elements.More and more, manufacturers are taking care to mark the power consumption on devices.

The best brands of 4K UHD TV

In the market, the battle is raging between manufacturers.There are a multitude of models all as efficient and aesthetic.Some like LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are above the fray.The originality and reliability of their products make them benchmarks.South Korean LG is setting the bar high with its OLED TVs and cutting-edge technology.Ditto for the Japanese Panasonic which also offers reliable devices that embed this technology.As for Samsung and Sony, they do everything, but are leaders in LCD technology.

Best 4K TV on the market

The Sony KD55XE7096 is a 4K TV that offers good value for money

  • Screen size 139 cm (55 inches)?;
  • Definition UHD (4K)?;
  • Category LED?;
  • 400 Hz scanning frequency.

Sold for less than 700 euros, this TV is rather inexpensive for the performance it offers.The 400 Hz sweep frequency is ideal for movie buffs and video game players who can afford unique experiences.The quality of the image is excellent, with the contrasts and colors that allow you to fully enjoy the pleasure.Sony TV has a Smart TV function.

Samsung UE43MU6105 4K TV is economical and efficient

  • Screen size: 43 inches?;
  • Display technology: LED;
  • Scanning frequency: 200?;
  • HD format: 4K Ultra HD?;
  • Aspect ratio: image: 16: 9 (widescreen)?;
  • Number of HDMI ports: 3?;
  • Number of USB ports: 2.

The size of this TV (43 inches) makes it versatile. It can be installed in a room or in a narrower place. Its price, below 600 euros, makes it a device within the reach of almost all budgets. Samsung's TV also offers good picture quality and a refresh rate of up to 50 frames per second. It also incorporates a Smart TV function. However, the screen is too small for a large living room. What to remember? 4K TV is already establishing itself as the best of its generation. It offers excellent image resolution, in addition to other features that seduce its world. It is important to consider certain criteria before purchasing a 4K TV because there are so many models on the market. If size, scanning frequency, panel technologies and 3D are important elements, power consumption and ergonomics are just as important.

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