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Handpresso Pump Pop: An impressive portable and manual espresso maker!

You are a coffee addict, and you want to have homemade coffee wherever you find yourself. So with Handpresso Pump Pop you will have the freedom to treat yourself to a coffee break, in the most extraordinary settings with the most ecological coffee formats.

What is Handpresso Pum Pop?

 Handpresso Pump Pop test French company specializing in the design of espresso machines, Handpresso has launched its brand new model called Pump Pop. A name that takes its source from the colorful, pump-working look. It is a manual coffee machine, with a pressure of 16 bar and a water tank with a capacity of 50 ml . It is 22 cm long and weighs 48 kg. But you can have less heavy ones that are easy to carry during your various trips.

The machine works with ESE pods, that is to say Easy Serving Espresso, and with espresso ground coffee. The machine is available in several colors. You can have it in apple green, azure blue, or candy pink on a white body. Designed in noble materials and chosen with great care, the Handpresso Pump Pop is a machine that resists time and wear. Robust and quality it offers you real moments of relaxation wherever you are.

Handpresso Pump Pop: the top of portable coffee makers

Handpresso Pump Pop is the cream of the crop. Currently it is the best in its category. Several reasons have earned it this reputation. First of all, it is an elegant and extremely compact light machine. At the office, on weekends, on trips and even for vacations with friends or family, this device follows you everywhere. All coffee lovers have a soft spot for this portable espresso machine as its system gives you exceptional quality coffee. It is a real gem to have at all costs. It’s a machine that is the same price regardless of the color you take it in. With its capacity, its design and the presence of an adapter for the use of pods and ground coffee, this coffee maker has a good quality/price ratio.

How to use your Handpresso Pump Pop?

 Handpresso Pump Pop reviews It is true that the Hadpresso Pump Pop does not run on battery or electricity. However, to use it, you must have 90 ° hot water. But the preparation is done in 3 stages. For your stays or for hikes, you should bring a stove or a thermos of hot water and keep enough water. So for preparation, all you need to do is raise the pressure to 16 bars like a bicycle pump. Then pour 90 ° hot water and add a pod of ground espresso coffee. To have the right color, flavorful coffee in your cup, press the button. After this little process you will have a good creamy coffee . With this device, you can easily brew the coffee to the desired taste. You can choose the coffee beans according to your wishes. This instant coffee maker accompanies you well in all your outings whether for a cruise, a hike, a camping, a trek or for a road-trip it is the tool you need.

When you are in perpetual search for taste and aroma for your coffee, and you like to make your own, then we advise you to equip yourself with your portable espresso machine . To meet this need, the Handpresso Pump Pop is what suits you perfectly. It doesn’t take up much space and fits easily in your bag or storage case. It works well in any environment. And above all it serves you good creamy coffee. It is the best portable coffee machine you could have, as it brews very tasty coffees with the characteristic foam. After high pressure extraction.

The characteristics of the Handpresso Pump Pop

Device without battery or electricity, the Handpresso Pump Pop is a coffee maker easy to take anywhere with you. With a pressure of 16 bars, it is fully manual. It helps to make espresso, short and tight coffee. The only coffee sizes you can have with your device are: ESE pods and ground coffee. You must equip yourself with a kettle or an insulated bottle to contain hot water at 90 °, essential for the best quality of your coffee. It has a pressure gauge which alerts you when the pressure of 16 bar is reached. With its 2 filter holders, one with a pod and the other with ground coffee, you will make your coffee to the desired taste. The machine is sure to appeal to those who care about the environment, as it is quite independent and does not use any power source.

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