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Handpresso Pump Noire 48238: The perfect coffee machine for travelers!

Handpresso Wild Hybrid, that was its name when it was first presented to the general public. But evolving over time, this device has changed its name to today called Handpresso Pump and comes in three colors which are black, white and silver. While you might imagine that these three coffee makers are all the same, it should be noted that they have a few differences. It is for this reason that we chose to present the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 .

All about the portable coffee maker Handpresso Pump Black 48238

 Test Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 Very user-friendly as a coffee maker, the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 is a manual coffee machine that uses neither battery nor electric current to prepare hot coffee with a strong taste to its owner. Designed to accompany you ideally on your travels, this coffee machine needs the strength of your arms since it is by activating it manually that you can bring it to its pressure of 16 bars which will allow you to have hot coffee to your liking.

However, to bypass this obligation of pumping before having coffee, you can plan to l hot water in a thermos to go faster and save energy. Note also that the capacity of the reservoir is 50ml , so not large enough to brew two cups of coffee at the same time. The Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 coffee maker is therefore the coffee machine that is suitable for nomads, holidaymakers and tourists in motorhomes or sailboats.

The strengths and weaknesses of the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238.

Like several other coffee machines in its category, the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 is a device on which we noted several strengths and some weaknesses after several tests.

Regarding the strengths of this nomadic coffee machine, we can quote:

    • Its small size which makes it easy and discreet when traveling,
    • Its strength which makes it a very resistant machine,
    • Its ability to accept ESE pods and ground coffee,
    • Its ability to brew strong, full-bodied black coffee,
    • Its speed in making you coffee in 90 minutes,

Its availability in several colors to allow you to choose according to your taste.

As for the weak points of this coffee machine, we could raise that two. These are:

  • The need to provide hot water if you are not able to turn it manually to reach the pressure of 16 bars which will allow you to have hot drink,
  • Difficulty adapting to ESE pods.

Our opinion on the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238

Customer reviews Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 We appreciate this coffee machine as well as nomads, tourists and vacationers for its sturdiness which allows it to be handled without fear of damaging it or spilling the drink In preparation. We also liked it because with this coffee machine it is certain that the drink to be consumed is of good size and of excellent quality. However, it must be recognized that this device cannot be used by children and teenagers since its use requires enough physical effort on the part of its user for a great performance, because it is entirely manual.

How to prepare coffee with the portable Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 coffee machine?

It is very easy and practical to prepare good coffee with the Handpresso coffee machine Pump Noire 48238 since brewing coffee with this machine will only take you 90 seconds . However, you need to follow the next four steps that will be shown to you if you want to enjoy a good-sized, better-quality drink.

  • You must begin by handling the machine to build up the pressure. To help you find your way around and to know when to stop, the machine includes a barometer that indicates the water temperature.
  • You will put coffee in the intended location. You can put an ESE pod or ground coffee in it. However, we recommend the ground coffee because the ESE pods are not very practical for this portable coffee maker.
  • You have to add water to get a recommended temperature of 90 ° C.
  • You will start the coffee and then serve the drink in your cup.

How much can the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 coffee machine be purchased?

There is no standard price for this coffee machine. Its price in fact depends on each seller and the online sales site on which you had chosen to buy it. However, it should be noted that initially the Handpresso Pump Noire 48238 coffee machine is priced at 99 euros. But today, it sells for 92 euros, or 7 euros less than its original price. On the other hand, if your budget is not as big, you can opt for a pop collection which costs 80 euros. And to facilitate its discreet transport, you can buy its storage pouch which costs only 25 euros.

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