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Expert advice on choosing the best jigsaw!

TOP 3 best jigsaws of the year

Just like a cordless drill screwdriver or a angle grinder , the jigsaw is one of those power tools that every handyman, novice or professional, must have. Thanks to it, it is indeed possible to carry out a good number of different cutting jobs while still benefiting from breathtaking precision. However, one should also be aware that choosing a jigsaw is far from something that can be done at random. It is indeed necessary to take into account several very precise characteristics. That's why we wanted to provide you with all our expert advice so that you quickly find the best jigsaw for you.

Comparison table of 10 best jigsaws 2018/2019

Why is the jigsaw an essential power tool?

By being equipped with a saw jumper, you will be able to carry out a number of different tasks. Indeed, thanks to a single device, you can consider cutting wood, plasterboard or even PVC for example. All you have to do is use a suitable saw blade, no more and no less. What also makes this DIY device a must have is the fact that it is relatively easy to use. And for good reason, each jigsaw is equipped with a cutting guide that will allow you to cut your various materials perfectly straight without having to carry out dozens of measurements beforehand.

Today there are many kinds of jigsaws which all offer very different functionality and varying power. However, each model, without exception, offers the possibility of changing the blades and locking them, generally thanks to a self-tightening chuck. Thus, the jigsaw can quite boast of being multifunctional, and it is this very characteristic that explains why it is essential. Whatever project you have in mind, there is a very high likelihood that such a power tool will come in handy at one point or another.

Tacklife 800-3000 SPM: The best jigsaw of the year!

With its power of 800 watts and its many accessories such as a metal ruler guide, 6 saw blades or than a dust exhaust pipe, the Tacklife 800-3000 SPM jigsaw more than deserves all the success it is enjoying today. Simple to use and extremely efficient, it offers you a maximum cutting depth of 100 millimeters for wood and 10 millimeters for metal. In addition, for more precision, it also has a laser guide which will allow you to stay focused on your cutting line.

If the jigsaw Tacklife 800-3000 SPM is also appreciated by consumers, this is also explained by the fact that its speed is adjustable in 6 different levels. In addition, it has several safety devices such as a locking switch or a splinter guard for example. To conclude, if you are looking for an economical, high-performance jigsaw that is designed to withstand years of intensive use without showing any malfunction, then this device can only fully satisfy you.

How to choose a suitable jigsaw for your projects?

As you can imagine, as with any other DIY device, it is necessary to take the good time choose your jigsaw as for a circular saw there are many features. And even if the selection criteria are very specific, they are relatively few and not very complex, which will therefore increase your chances of finding the perfect model for you. To get started, and before anything else, you will need to make a list of your requirements. If you only plan to cut drywall for example, the model you choose will not be the same as if you plan to cut solid wood or metal.

Next, take a look at the power of a jigsaw . Ideally, this should be at least 500 watts, which will allow you to cut your materials without your equipment experiencing any latency or slowdown. To go further, also find out about the general ergonomics of your device. Ideally, the weight of a jigsaw should not be too heavy so that you can work comfortably and effortlessly. Finally, finish by taking into account the various safety devices which must all be flawless. Using a jigsaw should be safe for you. And although these devices are numerous and perfect, that will not exempt you from wearing body protection accessories like a helmet or protective glasses for example.

The 2 favorite jigsaws of consumers at the moment

Bosch PST 900 PEL: The best value for money jigsaw

The Bosch PST 900 PEL Jigsaw is a tool that offers jaw-dropping precision no matter what material you plan to cut. Indeed, it has obviously been designed with the aim of being simple to use and particularly precise thanks to its Low Vibration system specific to the German brand which results in a linear balancing of the different masses. Concretely, the only thing you will have to do when cutting is to guide your equipment.

This also allows the Bosch PST 900 PEL to stand out from all the others and to be considered as the jigsaw with the best quality/price ratio, it is the fact that it has a perfect general ergonomics, which should be at the same time to its weight of only 2.2 kilograms as well as its rounded handle coated with a non-slip softgrip material. Finally, with a power of 620 watts and PowerLight LED lighting, the Bosch PST 900 PEL jigsaw is sure to please you.

Bosch Easy PST 650: The best inexpensive jigsaw

If you plan to use your next jigsaw only occasionally, then the Bosch Easy PST 650 could perfectly suit you since it is easy to use and efficient while being ultra secure. This is what explains why it is currently the ideal jigsaw for beginners. Thanks to it, obtaining precise and rapid results will be a real child's play, which is due in particular to its low weight of 1.6 kilograms and its vibration reduction system.

With a 500 watt motor, slightly below average, the corded jigsaw Bosch Easy PST 650 gives you a cutting depth in wood of 65 millimeters , but it is true that for a little more robust materials like metal for example, it could lack power. What we really liked about this model is the fact that it has the Bosch SDS system which will guarantee you a quick and efficient blade change without any special tools being required. Finally, if you are looking for the best inexpensive jigsaw , then this model is sure to give you satisfaction.

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