Dyson V6 Stick Vacuum: Complete Test 2021

What you should know to choose the right Dyson vacuum cleaner

It is essential that consumers do their homework before making a payment. Especially, when they buy a rather expensive product, like a dyson v6. But there are so many options and prices, and reading individual reviews can take a long time. we did the work for you. If you are looking to buy the famous Dyson vacuum sweeper, we have looked at the buyers’ reviews and the results so that you are able to decide if it is right for you.

OUR CHOICE#1 dyson v6 Total Clean stick vacuum

The Dyson V6 Total Clean is an exceptional stick vacuum that excels in the performance of cleaning, handling and durability. Handling Accessories Finishing Durability Price


This model is indeed not the most original version for a dyson V6 stick vacuum , but it has the merit of offering people who want a lower investment, a product combining good performance at a reduced price. Note that it comes with the quality of the manufacturer that we no longer present, that is to say accessories, good performance, and even a function allowing you a good temporary suction.

Model Reviews

Customers love the quality of this product, along with its handling and excellent durability.

The Benefits

  • Works well on carpets, bare floors and stairs
  • Picks up animal hair
  • Durable


  • It is a bit expensive for an older model.
  • Relatively noisy
  • Battery life a little short

OUR CHOICE N ° 2 stick vacuum cleaner dyson v6 Animal Extra

Durable Autonomy Performance Price


The dyson V6 Animal Extra upright vacuum cleaner is a great choice for people who own pets. It gets positive reviews from buyers for its collection of animal hair, its ability to clean stairs and its effectiveness on bare floors. The Dyson V6 Animal Extra is similar to the V6 Total Clean, but lacks the direct drive cleaning head.

Opinion on the model

Consumers who have chosen to try the experience are, of course, delighted! While they regret the price for it being above Dyson’s standards, they admit that the results bring them greatly.

The Advantages

  • Efficient on bare floors and stairs
  • 2 year warranty
  • Reasonable autonomy


  • Relatively noisy
  • A little difficult to empty


Power of inspiration Autonomy Accessories Price


Customers have regularly noted the powerful suction of the V6 Absolute, especially in the enhanced maximum power mode. It was also gifted for its lightness and ease of use. Because it only lasts 20 minutes on a charge, it’s best for people with smaller homes or for use as an extra vacuum.

Review of the model

Consumers have found the Dyson V6 Absolute to work well for collecting pet hair. They also rated his lightness and powerful aspiration as positive.

The Advantages

  • Excellent suction power
  • Very good autonomy
  • Good for hardwood and tile floors.


  • Difficult to grow on carpet than on tile or hardwood floors.

Mesh DYSON stick vacuum cleaner

Buyer’s guide for dyson stick vacuum cleaner

Because they are light, portable and handy, stick vacuum cleaners are appreciated for small maintenance jobs, but they can be complicated to determine what differentiates one of these vacuum cleaners. When purchasing a stick vacuum cleaner , here are the main things to keep in mind:

  • Surface type
  • Weight
  • Battery
  • Animal hair

Before making a purchase, please make sure the model you want is suitable to your house. Some vacuums perform well on bare floors, others on carpet, and others can do both. A lack of suction on some surfaces can mean that dirt and debris will be left behind. For the simple reason that stick vacuums are meant for cleaning rooms, stairs, and pretty much every other place in the house, you will likely need to wear yours frequently while cleaning. Choose a model that is light enough that you can wear it. Some stick vacuums can weigh less than 2 kilograms. As is the case with robot vacuums, you should keep the battery life of your vacuum cleaner in mind. How long can it work on a single charge? How long will it need to recharge before it can work again? If you don’t want to risk running out of battery or forgetting to charge your device, choose for a corded vacuum. It is a unique category. If you have furry companions in your home, consider a suitable device for removing their hair. Some models are even equipped with specially designed nozzles and on-board tools.

  • Noise
  • Lifespan
  • Accessories

Stick vacuums can be comparatively smaller than traditional models, but they can sometimes be just as loud. Take into account the noise level of your new device, and if the noise bothers you, choose a quieter model. How long do you foresee the longevity of your stick vacuum cleaner? Before investing in a new model, consult customer reviews to assess the durability of a particular product. You will also need to research how much it will cost to purchase replacement parts and accessories, if necessary. Some models come with tools and accessories suitable for different cleaning jobs, from dust nozzles to hair accessories. Read the model specs to check if the stick vacuum you are considering has any extras.

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