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If you have ever taken notes during a conference or a meeting, you must know how much this has not been an easy task. In fact, armed with a ballpoint pen and a notepad, the question that arises is what positions to take to be comfortable and take better notes. Recognizing all these challenges, the tech world has rushed to the rescue of consumers of its products: designing a writing tablet . Emphasis on this tool that we are still discovering.

Newyes NYWT850 writing tablet: The best-selling on the internet!

We have it said, it's a tablet that works just like a pen and a notepad, with the only difference that taking notes is fun. The designers of the Newyes NYWT850 Writing Tablet put no age or gender barriers in creating this gem of technology. They designed it to suit anyone, young or old, parents or children, men or women. So it's actually an electronic writing tablet that you can use in your office as a notepad, a whiteboard, or even a simple slate. From the height of its 8.5 inches, this tablet runs on a battery called CR2016. If the battery runs out of power, you replace it, and the tablet continues to function normally. Thanks to its LCD screen, everything looks natural, and you really have the feeling of having your notebook or a slate in front of you.

The tablet of Newyes NYWT850 writing is really easy to use. When you write on a slate, you very often erase if you make a mistake, and in front of your notebook, you have to cross out in ink if you use a pen or an eraser if you use a pencil. With this writing tablet, you only have one button to get the job done. You press a button and you manage to erase everything you want. To use such a tablet is to nod to nature when it comes to paper usage. Throughout its life, the tablet can erase more than 100,000 times. Let's try to do the math and see how many sheets of paper it would take if we had to do the same with a notepad. The Newyes Writing Tablet is also a durable tablet , which you won't need to replace within months of purchase.

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The advantages of using a writing tablet

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When you look at the writing tablet and even talk about it, it feels like it's all about the positives and the pros. The first of these advantages is of course the comfort when taking notes. No matter where you are, you can take notes so you don't have to worry about it. It is indeed a revolutionary equipment, just like the 3D object printers or the 4K televisions which will inevitably change your daily life. Another advantage is the speed in taking notes and writing. In the purely educational field, it is a tool that comes to revolutionize the way children learn . They will be more and more motivated to make an effort to practice writing. This is normal, it is indeed a tablet, and children love it?!

The next positive point is related to the elegance and the class offered by a writing tablet. To own it is to be up to date and in tune with the times and the times. It's about being up to date and claiming it. But in addition to this purely physical aspect, one should not forget that the notes are taken to be preserved and reused. Writing tablets allow to keep notes efficiently for better use later.

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How do I choose a good writing tablet?

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A writing tablet isn't just for the luxury of owning it. She should be able to combine the useful with the pleasant. It is therefore important that beyond its characteristics, it is effective and does best what it was designed to do: take notes. So find the writing tablet with a screen that gives you the impression of having paper in front of you. Get the right screen size! A good size allows you to have a good grip , but also to enjoy a certain comfort. So don't overlook this detail.

Screen resolution is also a factor to be taken seriously. If your resolution is not good, you could damage your eyes. So look for a writing tablet that takes this element into account. For example, opt for a writing tablet capable of offering a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. This is the equivalent of full HD resolution, ideal for accurate reading and impressive convenience. In addition, be sure to check the RAM and processor, two essential factors for the backup and performance of your device.

Where to find the best writing tablets? At the best price?

You've probably heard of Amazon before. Yep, who hasn't heard of it yet? It is the leader in online sales in the world. You will find quality writing tablets on Amazon, as well as all accessories and other important items. Amazon is a guarantee of quality, and the site always strives to satisfy its customers even after the sale. The delivery of Amazon products after a purchase is on time and promptly. Whatever the means of payment available on the site, your account is secure and everything is in place for you to enjoy your purchase as long as possible.

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