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Designing a living space is a task delicate. The useful and the pleasant must be harmoniously reconciled. The arrangement of furniture and equipment has long taken precedence over other aspects. However, in recent years lighting has become an ingredient of choice for a comfortable environment. It is in this context that the use of a LED ceiling light as a modern lighting tool fits into this context. Usable in various places, the product has many advantages. However, before you get it, it is important to be well informed. With the help of this buying guide, you will be able to purchase your item at the right price.

BK Licht LED ceiling light, for efficient lighting

The LED ceiling light BK Licht is a modern lighting tool designed for ceiling mounting. It is distinguished by its 4 adjustable spotlights in all directions. The arrangement of the lamps allows the uniform distribution of light. The metal backing material is matte nickel color. This aspect of the luminaire demonstrates its aesthetic and decorative side. The lamps are fixed on two strong bars and easy to install. The equipment is very suitable for the living room, but it works well in other rooms of the house. This ceiling light provides 3,000 Kelvin warm white light, or 250 lumens per bulb. According to its characteristics, it corresponds to the energy category A ++, and has a voltage of 230 volts. Each spot is equipped with a GU 10 quality socket bulb, with a power of 3 W.

It is important to specify that its bulbs have an exceptional lifespan . They can produce lighting for 20,000 hours. Incandescent bulbs, on the other hand, cannot exceed 1000 hours. The product has a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 80. This indicator represents the ability of a bulb to reflect natural colors. Based on recent technology, this ceiling light is environmentally friendly and guarantees energy saving . It consumes less electricity than appliances with fluorescent and halogen bulbs. The lamps in this ceiling light are also characterized by the low heat they emit. It is important to note the speed of the light they diffuse. Once you flip the switch, this light will turn on instantly. Its dimensions are 605 mm x 105 mm, and it weighs a total of 689 grams.

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Why buy an LED ceiling light?

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For your lighting needs, you need the best fixture. LED ceiling lights are now considered a universal lighting medium, as they adapt to any space. They have demonstrated their peculiarity compared to traditional bulbs. You can buy these accessories because they have several advantages. You can place them not only in rooms of the house, but also in offices. They come in several shapes and respond to different types of decoration. They are lightweight and easy to install . They are also shock-resistant due to their solid structure.

LED ceiling lights silently diffuse natural white light. The faithful color of their lighting prevents you from eye pain. These lighting tools are also remarkably energy efficient. The lighting is sufficient and does not project any reflection. They are also more economical and consume very little energy. They in consume 10 times less than a conventional incandescent bulb and 5 times less than a compact fluorescent bulb. They are also environmentally friendly, and contain no mercury or polluting gases. You will also find, if necessary, LED ceiling lights with several features (Bluetooth, light games, etc.).

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Comment How to choose an LED ceiling light?

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The choice of an LED ceiling light depends on several criteria. You can buy it for its shape and beauty, as you would when choosing choosing an artificial Christmas tree or of a carpet for your entry for example. Note that these lamps exist in several forms. On the market you will find lights in round, square, thin, etc. You're better off buying the one that best fits your space. The size of a ceiling light matters a lot. Avoid taking lights that are too bulky to gain height. This will save you the risk of hitting your head. You can also choose the equipment for its power. For large spaces, find lamps with considerable power.

For rooms in houses, it is advisable to take lamps which cover a scattering angle of 180 ° to 360 ° . For an office on the other hand, the ideal is to take the lamps which cover an angle of less than 120 °. You should know that the more lumens there are, the more your LED ceiling light illuminates. Check the number of lumens for each bulb you plan to buy. You can also purchase an LED ceiling light to enjoy expanded functionality. It is then necessary to check that the bulbs are equipped with a remote control, light sets, etc.

Where to buy your product at the right price?

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