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We fell in love with the AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor

WHO recommends eating five fruits and vegetables a day. To facilitate the preparation of your meals, equip yourself with the AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor. Here are the specifics of this household appliance.

AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor, ideal for enjoying a healthy and balanced diet.

The AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor is a multi-purpose juicer. It is designed for those who want to be careful with their diet.

Amzchef juice extractor review of this device

The juice extractor of fruit and vegetables AMZCHEF is a versatile device. It can squeeze a whole host of foods, regardless of the consistency of their flesh. We quote in this case carrots, apples, gingers …

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Powered by a speed of 80 revolutions per minute, This centrifuge preserves the cell barrier of fruits and vegetables. In other words, it keeps the vitamins, trace elements and mineral salts present in food, but also limits its risk of oxidation. With an extra-fine grind, this device can extract a large amount of juice compared to a conventional device. Made of titanium, it is valued for its resistance to corrosion and heat. Composed of a structure and two storage cups, this fruit juice extractor is easy to assemble. For your safety, the device can only be charged after a click. It is also essential to unlock it before disassembly.

For its use, you will only have to place the peeled fruits or vegetables, cut into pieces in the chute. The first bowl is used to collect the juice while the other is used to get rid of the pulp. Characterized by the “automatic stop” function, the appliance is switched off when the fruits or vegetables in the chute are exhausted.This AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor is delivered with a brush.This accessory allows you to clean all the parts.You will also find in its box a storage tamping panel, an element that helps prevent the beverage from scattering on the table.

For your convenience , this extractor does not emit deafening noises.Its sound volume is only 60 dB when it is on.With a 2-year warranty, this AMZCHEF fruit and vegetable juice extractor is a reliable household appliance.It is designed to make your everyday life as easy as possible.

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Fruit juice is a drink that is very popular these days, especially when it is made “at home” with fresh fruit.It must be said that most of the time, this delicious drink is made from various fruits such as carrot, kiwi, pear etc.But the reason why this drink is so popular is the amount of energy it brings especially to start the day.

It can be-be the reason that has driven several renowned manufacturers who offer users high performance juice extractors.So big names like Magimix, Fagor, KitchenAid or Kenwood, renowned for its quality multifunction robots , and many others have put machines on the market that produce fruit juice in record time.Users have been able to save precious time and are now able to produce juice from multiple foods.

Comparison table of the best juice extractors in 2021

What are the three best fruit juice extractors on Amazon?

H.Koenig GSX18 horizontal juice extractor

The device designed by the brand H.Koenig, a firm renowned for the reliability of its equipment, above all it is a The H.Koenig GSX18 juice extractor is very reliable equipment which is also very resistant.It is important to point out that this machine still performs well after years of use.This is therefore a good deal because it is a piece of equipment that lasts over time and has a relatively average price.Another little extra about this equipment is the ease with which it is used.Indeed, the machine has very simple functions which are however useful for all users even beginners.This is also the place to add that this is a very efficient juice extractor.The extractor, in addition to being fast, can produce almost no sound.

It is able to extract juice from all fruits without much difficulty and in almost total silence.This H.Koenig GSX18 juice extractor, although it is powerful and very reliable, still has some flaws.This is mainly because it can overheat.This could reduce the durability of the product.It is important to point out that this overheating has only been observed in a small number of customers.Difficulties in the maintenance of the device were also noted.This difficulty becomes greater when you venture to clean the extractor without its guide.It would therefore be ideal to use this manual for maintenance.

Aicok horizontal juicer juicer

You must specify from the outset that it was a device that cost much more because it was of a higher range.The manufacturer therefore wanted to innovate by creating a product of the same quality but for a price which has really been reduced.This is therefore a very powerful device that comes with a lot of accessories and has very simple functions.One of the strengths of this extractor is its price which is generally average for what sells on the market.

The price is really attractive when the performance of the device is taken into account, which is that of an extractor of a higher range.It is also a device that is very easy to use.It must be said that although it has a lot of accessories and features, the Aicok juice extractor is still very affordable.So it is sold with a cleaning brush, a pitcher and has the functionality of squeezing citrus fruits.In use, it has been noted that the extractor is also very quiet.However, we note that the extractor becomes less efficient when used for certain particular foods.

Indeed some users have raised problems when inserted parsley into the device.The best option would therefore be to remove the rod first.It should also be noted that the screw of the device is a little too fast.This is a problem that is common to several models.This doesn't really present a handicap, but the catch is that in this case the screw puts too much strain on the motor, which can slightly reduce the durability of the extractor.

Vertical juicer H.Koenig GSX22

The H.Koenig brand takes a lion's share of our ranking by making its appearance again with another model, the H.Koenig GSX22.This is a very powerful product compared to many extractors on the market.It is a device that produces fruit juice very quickly without any problem.It must be said that the price of this device is a bit high compared to others.This factor can be explained by the fact that it is a juice extractor of a higher range.It is a device that has positive points on several levels.First of all, its ease of use.This is really an asset of this extractor which allows anyone to make a fruit juice in record time.

The manufacturer has provided on l device a manual which details all the concepts necessary for using the product.It should also be added that this is a device that is very easy to clean.To do this, just follow the guide from the first use.The procedure is so simple that after a while you will master it perfectly.One of the last strengths of this extractor is its outstanding durability.All the users who have tried this product have come to the same conclusion, it really is a very durable and durable juice extractor.This exceptional durability can be explained by the fact that its manufacturer is an ace when it comes to reliability and quality.However, we can regret the fact that the price of the device is a little more expensive than other products.

It must nevertheless be said that the range of the H.Koenig GSX22 juice extractor is superior to those usually sold in the market.Another caveat is the fact that you have to buy your cookbook.Without it, the appliance can be difficult to use for those unfamiliar with cooking.To make certain recipes, it is important to take well-defined quantities of each element, as the extractor has a certain capacity.For those who do not understand these details, you will have no choice but to pay for this book.

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing an extractor?

This section is intended for those who would like to make their own benchmarks.This may be because they have different expectations and the models presented above do not quite meet them.Either way, there are some factors that should be considered for your comparison.

The shape of your next extractor

You should know that we find extractors in two main forms.Indeed, some have a horizontal shape, while others have a vertical shape.Depending on the shape you choose, this will affect the performance and storage of the device.It must be said that horizontal extractors are not always easy to store.However, these are devices that often have multiple functions.Conversely, the vertical models have a more restricted use, but are not bulky.

The reliability of the juice extractor

When we talk about reliability, it is necessary to understand that it is the capacity of the product to hold in time without being able to become less effective, a characteristic which must also be be taken into account during purchase of a heating blender or during The options and accessories of a good juice extractor

It must be said that devices which have several options and accessories allow you to make more sophisticated recipes.Manufacturers offer a lot of options, so the choice should be made based on what you desire, as you might if you decide to purchase a The speed of rotation

The most efficient extractors are those with the speed weaker.This may sound weird, but a device that squeezes more slowly will produce quality juice.For manual type models, the speed problem does not arise.

The noise level of a juicer

The Most models available on the market have been designed so as not to cause too much noise. Professionals in the field recommend a certain value not to be exceeded in terms of noise level. The ideal would therefore be to opt for extractors whose noise does not exceed 60 decibels.

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