Cheap Multifunction Robot: 5 Best Models

Best cheap food processor 2021: Our comparison

The food processor is one of the essential pieces of equipment in a kitchen today. Designed to simplify culinary preparations, its basic functions are mixing and chopping. Currently, there are also very versatile robots that are able to knead nuts, make soup and even cook food. The most efficient can have about thirty functions. If you want to afford a cheap multifunction robot, it will be important that you take into consideration several very specific criteria, which will allow you to quickly find the equipment that best meets your different requirements. To simplify this task for you, we have selected 5 models for you among the inexpensive multifunction robots and cooking robots, which are also the most efficient on the market.

TIBEK Multifunction Food Processor 2L Food Processor

The Tibek Multifunction Food Processor , is no longer available at any merchant, we suggest you see the equivalent range of Food Processor au Tibek HERE .  VonShef Food Processor See on Amazon

A cheap food processor that we have appreciated: VonShef

It is a food processor which has the particularity of having an excellent value for money. The Vonshef is powerful for rapping and chopping, with its two speeds it will also be perfect to prepare your soups with its blender function. This compact and stable device with 4 suction cups will take up little space on your worktop. The pluses

  • 3 racks, for cutting, chopping and also for julienned
  • The carrots are finely and quickly grated
  • Convenient for emulsify the pancake batter
  • Has an efficient citrus press
  • For soups perfect with a blender of 1.8L (attention Non-heating blender )
  • Its price is really cheap considering the number of functions


  • Has a too small cord
  • Noisy robot

Moulinex multifunction kitchen machine QA502GB1

The moulinex food processor is just the appliance you need if you like baking. It has already won over many professionals with its 900W power and great performance. It allows you to easily concoct a wide variety of recipes. It is supplied with a pastry kit including a kneader and a high quality cast aluminum mixer, allowing you to make heavy and light dough. In addition to baking, the device also makes delicious milkshakes and tasty cocktails, as well as salads. Its 6 adjustable speeds allow the preparation of all kinds of recipes. As for the design, the QA502GB1 robot is an attractive ruby ​​red color. Note that a catalog of 40 recipes is delivered with this appliance.

Advantages of the food processor

  • Good value for money
  • Optional accessories
  • Good Capacity compared to its price (4.6L )
  • Comes with a 40 recipe book

Cons of Moulinex

  • Relatively noisy
  • L The device tends to move when it is at full speed.

Moulinex FP520GB1 multifunction robot

Si you have already set your sights on a moulinex food processor, the Master Chef FP520GB1 cannot disappoint you either. The main quality of this device is its ability to grind all types of nuts. Indeed, the device is equipped with a stainless steel chopper of incomparable strength. It is also equipped with two high quality metal discs. Its 750W power ensures unparalleled versatility. Emulsify, mince, grate, mix, chop, the moulinex Master Chef robot can do a multitude of operations. We appreciate its ease of maintenance. Indeed, all its accessories can be washed in the dishwasher. Equipped with a 3l bowl and a 1.25l blender, it is perfect for preparations for 4 people.

The advantages of the Moulinex food processor

  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Normal noise level
  • Large capacity (3L)

The disadvantages of this food processor

  • For the first time in use , do not use force to find the locking notches.

Food processor Simeo-QC350

The Simeo-QC350 food processor stands out for its ability to cook food. So it doesn't just mix, it can also cook thanks to its stainless steel container. Many cooking options are offered by the appliance. It allows you to simmer, sear, steam, boil, etc. You can adjust the speed, temperature and cooking time depending on the type of recipe to be prepared. The robot is also supplied with 2 steam trays, a spatula, a knife, a cooking basket, a propeller. These accessories are all dishwasher safe. You are also entitled to a book of 200 recipes by choosing this robot.

The advantages of this multi-functional food processor

  • Good value for money
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use and efficient
  • Normal noise level
  • Large capacity (3L)

Cons of Simeo

  • Handling of buttons not at all practical
  • The steamer basket is 30x20cm, shallow but wide.

i-Companion Moulinex Food Processor

The i-Companion Moulinex robot cooker is also one of the best current cookers. This multi-function cooker cooks, simmers, browns, mixes, kneads, steams and more. It allows you to concoct delicious recipes for everyday meals as well as for special occasions. This robot incorporates four automatic programs, but can also operate in manual mode. Supplied with a large bowl, this model is suitable for 6 people. It is also supplied with various practical accessories including a mixer, a crushing knife, a mixer, a 2L steam basket, a bottle brush. By purchasing this food processor, you can get your hands on a catalog of over 500 recipes that are as delicious as they are easy to prepare. Moulinex is the specialist and its reputation is well established, just look at the success of the Cookeo, to see the price of the Cookeo consult our comparison.

 width= The advantages of this Moulinex multifunction robot

  • Good value for money
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Very easy to learn and adjust
  • Normal noise level

The disadvantages of the Moulinex Companion

  • A keep warm mode is missing considering the price of the product.

Philips HR7762/90 food processor

Here is another inexpensive multifunction robot which also deserves its place in the ranking of the best multifunction robots. Equipped with a chopper and 4 stainless steel discs, this food processor can be used to knead, crush nuts, grate, mix soup, make cream and much more. Its description displays no less than 28 functions. Its 2l bowl and 1l blender are suitable for preparations for 4 people. We appreciate this robot for its practicality. It is also easy to store. It comes with several accessories, which have the advantage of being dishwasher safe. This multifunction robot has a solid appearance. Its performance does not make it an inaccessible device. If you are looking for a cheap food processor, this model is highly recommended.

The Advantages of this Multi Function Food Processor

  • Good value for money
  • Very sharp and robust blade
  • Normal noise level

The disadvantages

  • No clear instructions
  • The capacity is not very large.

Best comparative multifunction robot: The top 10

Criteria for choosing a multifunction robot

Before buying a cheap multifunction robot, you must first take into account your own needs . Do you need a robot with or without a cooking function? If you have chosen the second, take into account the range of temperatures offered. At least your multi-function cooker should allow you to heat up to 18 or 20 degrees.

  • Capacity
  • Power
  • Accessories

How many people do you have to cook for? For a family of 4, the bowl capacity must be greater than or equal to 2.5l. For a large family, it is better to look for a larger model with a capacity of up to 7l. Do you want your robot to be able to knead nuts? Choose a model with a power greater than 750W. Also take into account the number of speeds offered. The wider the speed range, the more versatile the robot will be. You should also consider the amount of accessories that come with the device as this will determine its versatility. Finally, make sure that the cheap food processor is easy to store and maintain. In general, the accessories of major brand robots are dishwasher safe. You now have all the information you might need to identify a suitable model of food processor to purchase. You can choose from the models offered to take advantage of their high performance and inexpensive price. Remember, however, that the best inexpensive food processor is the one that meets your culinary needs.

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