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Summer often comes with its rate of high sunshine but also with its temperatures which can reach peaks. During this period, a portable air conditioner therefore becomes necessary to cool the air in your home. To make the air in a room cooler, you can opt for a portable air conditioner. It is important to clarify that portable air conditioners have different kinds of characteristics, which can therefore make the choice more complicated.

But above all, the thing the most essential before choosing an air conditioner is to identify your own needs. To help you in the selection of your portable air conditioner, we carried out this comparison which gives you all the details on these air handling units as essential in summer as are radiators in winter. In this article, you will see the top performing products, their features and various customer reviews. By reading this mobile air conditioner comparison, you could calmly choose the best product, according to your expectations, while saving time and probably money!

Olimpia Splendid: The best portable air conditioner of 2021

The Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner has it all because it is technically very powerful while being offered at a price that could well leave you speechless. Thanks to it, in just a few minutes, you will be able to lower the temperature of a room by several degrees, which will allow you to enjoy the beautiful season without the inconveniences that accompany it.

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By developing this portable air conditioner Olimpia Splendid, the brand has obviously been able to take into account the specific needs of consumers since in addition to being very powerful, this elegant model s 'will integrate perfectly into your interior decoration because of its sobriety. Concretely, the Olimpia Splendid mobile air conditioner offers a nominal power of 2300 watts and a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU/h. Thus, it can perfectly treat a room with a maximum area of ​​30 m² without the slightest difficulty. But what we also liked about this device is that it can also replace your best air dehumidifier since it has a function thanks to which you can set the desired humidity level.

In short, if you want to enjoy a summer Perfect in every way without going through the costly and complex installation of a reversible air conditioner, then the Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner is the device for you, especially since it is extremely quiet. Thus, unlike most of its competitors, it will not require you to sleep with your professional noise-canceling headphones since can even be installed in a bedroom without having any impact on your sleep.

Comparison of the favorite mobile air conditioners of the French

What are the three best portable air conditioners in 2021

In this category, the portable air conditioner that offers the best value for money is the De'Longhi PAC N76. Indeed, it is a model that combines very good performance and low consumption of electrical energy. The Trotec PAC 2610 E is an air conditioner which is really suitable for those on a low budget. Despite its very affordable price, it is quite compact and can cool rooms that are not too large. The latest model in this category is the best performing: it is the Remko RKL 491 DC. In addition to its power, it is the quietest portable air conditioner on the market.

Remko RKL 491: The most powerful air conditioner of the year!

This model which was produced by a German firm is the quietest air conditioner. In addition to this silence, it is very efficient, resistant and very reliable. It should be noted that the very low sound emitted by the air conditioner is due to its unit which remains outside. So this split type air conditioner is also very efficient, thanks to a power of 4300 Watts. This enormous power allows the device to cool your entire home, from the first to the last room. The manufacturer designed the air conditioner with small wheels to make it easier to move. You should also know that a remote control is added to allow you to make adjustments without moving. The device has a timer which is mainly used to program it. So you can define when the air conditioner should start cooling a room. He will therefore be able to perform this task even when we are not present. This equipment is also sold with a refrigeration pipe. It is a three-meter tube that connects the outside. Further proof of the device's reliability is its two-year warranty.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Remko RKL 491 mobile air conditioner?

It must be said that it is a fairly efficient and powerful device to cool an entire house. Another positive point of this model is its very quiet side, which is possible thanks to the split type of the device. The only negative point of the model is its somewhat high price. But it must be said that this air conditioner is really efficient and durable, so it should be seen as an investment. In addition, this is equipment that tends to dry out the air, which is why we recommend that you purchase a air humidifier in addition in order to always enjoy perfectly breathable air.

Pinguino PAC N76

This model from the Italian firm De'Longhi is intended for those who would like to make the air in their home cooler. Indeed, it is able to cool an area with an area of ​​85 square meters according to the designers. However, the ideal would be to use it for rooms with a surface area of ​​between 30 and 40 square meters. The portable air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 2500 watts which allows it to cool most rooms ideally. The device is designed with multidirectional casters which allow the user to move more easily. Note that this device refreshes the air with an automatic drain technique.

This avoids humidity problems and allows more extensive use. The portable air conditioner can operate in three different modes: fan, cooling and dehumidifier. When used in cooling mode, it can also dehumidify. The last mode, fan, allows the device to operate at two different speeds. However, its outer part must be securely fixed to a wall so as not to fall. A standard drill screwdriver will do perfectly well for this type of operation, but it is above all your vigilance that should be increased to make sure that this part does not represent any danger to passers-by.

The De'Longhi PAC N76 has a control panel. On the latter, there is an LCD type screen and a button to choose the mode. This panel also allows you to adjust certain elements such as the temperature and speed in fan mode and it even offers the possibility of being able to replace your oil diffuser classic essential . The user can schedule this device a day before for a task. The remote control provides access to all these options.

What are the positive and negative points of the De'Longhi PAC N76 mobile air conditioner

One of the advantages of this model is its performance. It must be said that the power of the mobile air conditioner is sufficient to cool an entire house. This model is also very good value for money. Indeed, it is equipped with features common to other air conditioners for an attractive price. The last positive point to emphasize is the fact that this device consumes little energy. It is therefore an essential element that should guide you during your purchase. The only downside to this device is the lack of reversibility. It must be said that this is a device that only allows cooling. It is therefore unnecessary in winter for example.

Trotec PAC 2610 E, a quiet and economical portable air conditioner

It should be noted that this air conditioner is good value for money. Indeed, it has a cooling capacity of 2600 Watts. This makes the designer say that he is able to cool an area of ​​85 m 2 . However, for full satisfaction, it would be better to use it for rooms of 20 to 30 m 2 . It is therefore the ideal device to refresh your garage or office. This model, which is produced by a German firm, is only the improved version of the bestseller 2600. The Trotec PAC 2610 E is a very compact device which can also be used as a fan. It is supplied with a remote control which allows you to enjoy the various functions from a distance. The device also has four wheels that make it easy to transport.

You should know that the installation of the device is very easy. In addition, it is sold with a 1.50m long tube that allows residues and various waste to be removed. This high performance model is designed with three speeds, a programmable timer and an LED touch screen. There is also a button which serves as a switch.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Trotec PAC 2610?

It is important to specify that the price of this model is a factor that plays a lot in its advantage. Indeed in addition to benefiting from a really affordable price, it is a very reliable product which comes with a two-year warranty. Another positive point is the low power consumption of the air conditioner. It must be said that this is equipment that is classified in energy category A. The last interesting point is the fact that the device is quite compact and therefore very easy to store. The only limitation of this machine is the noise it produces. It must be said that this model is as noisy as a running fan.

What is the operating mode of a portable air conditioner and who is it used for?

The mobile air conditioner is a piece of equipment that is independent, the main purpose of which is to cool. The air conditioner can also be used for filtering air or for dehumidifying. The operation of the portable air conditioner is quite simple, it replaces hot air with cold air. Indeed, it takes the flesh air that it displaces and blows fresh air into the room. The important difference between portable air conditioners and traditional ones is the small size of the mobile models. They are therefore easily movable.

What factors should be taken into account when choosing a portable air conditioner?

L he purchase of a portable air conditioner is an action which should be carried out after a long time of reflection. During this period, you need to think specifically about some important criteria. Indeed, according to your needs, it is for example possible that you are looking for a noise-free air conditioner to sleep peacefully, a multifunction portable air conditioner or even a device that is able to be transported very easily. We therefore suggest that you take into account the various selection criteria below in order to be sure to find, in just a few minutes, the device that will best meet all of your needs.

The different types of air conditioners

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You should know that there are three different types of mobile air conditioners on the market: monoblocks, splits and reversible ones. You should know that each model has advantages and disadvantages.

Monoblocks for example are the cheapest on the market. The split type models are very quiet. Finally, the reversible ones used for cooling can also heat if the need arises.

The price of your next air conditioner

It s This is a factor to take into account as the price of portable air conditioners varies greatly. Indeed, the most accessible models are 200 euros, while the most expensive are sold for thousands of euros. You must therefore take the time to learn about the features of the device and choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget.

However, it is also important to consider the fact that it is not necessarily the more expensive model that will satisfy you the most. You might even find a small, inexpensive portable air conditioner perfect for you. Concretely, even if it is important to take care to respect a budget defined in advance, we recommend that you do not make the price of the air conditioner a criterion of choice.

The electrical and cooling capacity of the air conditioner mobile

This factor will mainly define the amount of air you are going to receive. It is therefore an element that influences the surface of the parts that the appliance can cool. The electrical power of a mobile air conditioner is expressed in watts, and generally fluctuates around 2,500 watts, although exceptional models offer twice the power. As for the cooling capacity, this is expressed in BTU/h, and is most of the time between 5000 and 8000 BTU/h.

choice of your mobile air conditioner, it will therefore be essential that you take these various technical characteristics very seriously. Indeed, depending on the configuration of your home and the size of the rooms, the model you choose must in all cases be able to carry out its various missions. Take all the time necessary to obtain very precise information since, as you will have understood, your satisfaction will depend very directly on these different characteristics.

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