Automatic Vacuum Cleaner: Best models offered in 2021

Best Autonomous Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Comparative Guide


To clean his house, he doesn It is no longer necessary to pass the vacuum cleaner as with a Dyson . There is a much more convenient and efficient way. This involves using an automatic vacuum cleaner or vacuum robot. This device currently has many followers. It must be said that it has many advantages.

Speed ​​and efficiency, these are the main advantages of automatic vacuum cleaners. In addition, they are very versatile, as they can be used to sanitize carpets and rugs. Currently, this equipment is available in several models. The best models of vacuum cleaners are made with advanced technology. Suddenly, they embed remarkable features that increase their performance and comfort of use.

If you do not know which automatic vacuum cleaner to choose, here are 7 of the best devices offered in 2021.

iRobot Roomba 615 Vacuuming Robot

You are looking for a practical and efficient cleaning robot, but you hesitate to shell out too much money for a high-end model.For those who are looking for a compromise between efficiency and price, “ iRobot ” offers the Roomba 615.With its 30 Watts of power and 3.6 kg, the Roomba 615 is one of the most complete robot vacuum cleaners.The aircraft is equipped with Aerovac technology which optimizes air circulation.Thus, the vacuum cleaner dust container fills evenly and without giving the fill sensors incorrect information.

Roomba 615: good performance and unique features

Even though it’s a mid-range model, the Roomba 615 is a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have much to envy more expensive robots.The Roomba 615 has indeed a simple start, automatic return to its charging station and “ iAdapt ” technology.Behind this name hides a technique that allows the vacuum cleaner to detect and avoid collisions.The Roomba works great on floors, hardwood, stone, wood and tiles.For a relatively low price, the Roomba 615 gives you more than acceptable performance and all the essential features for a robot vacuum.

Our opinion on the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner

The iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum is an intelligent and connected accessory capable of independently cleaning carpets and hard floors.The manufacturer says he can navigate the house on his own to detect dirt and clean everything up.We decided to carry out a test of this rather innovative equipment.We have come to some very encouraging conclusions.

The iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum, state-of-the-art equipment


This equipment works in an innovative way and leaves no chance for dirt.It incorporates a AeroVac filter which allows it to automatically detect waste and animal hair, including fine dust particles.Its powerful sensors systematically identify clogged areas thanks to Dirt Detect technology.It performs three-step cleaning.
  • Its two multi-surface brushes lift dirt, dust and hair from rugs, rugs and hard floors.
  • Its side brush dislodges available debris along walls and in the corners.It can tilt at 27 degrees.
  • Its suction power collects all the waste directly as it goes in the internal bin.

The iRobot Roomba 671 vacuum robot intelligently navigates the house.It operates without assistance.It incorporates a vacuum detector which prevents it from falling into the holes.You have the possibility to connect it to your smartphone via the iRobot HOME application and WiFi.This allows you to control it and schedule cleanings from your phone.Thanks to the Virtual Wall function, you can define the rooms that the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum can access.The Halo guard function tells him which objects he should not approach.You will be able to consult the history of the cleaning carried out and watch the after-sales videos.

In addition, the iRobot Roomba 671 robot vacuum cleaner integrates the Alexa and Google Assistant .You can order it to start or stop.This equipment also allows updating of its software.It truly represents cutting-edge equipment that will meet your expectations.

Ecovacs Automatic robot vacuum R95MKII

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Without a doubt, this is a automatic vacuum cleaner that could satisfy all users . The Deebot R95MKII is a connected aspi-robot, at the cutting edge of technology. In other words, it allows you to carry out cleaning jobs successfully and more conveniently. The Ecovacs Robotics brand has given it innovative functions that allow it to have increased performance.

Note that the Deebot R95MKII is able to achieve a zigzag path. It is also equipped with a laser rangefinder guidance system that allows you to check the progress of the device during cleaning. This device also allows you to delimit the areas to be treated by installing virtual beacons. In addition, the Deebot R95MKII is equipped with a suction system for long hair and animal hair. It is therefore the weapon required to clean parquet floors.

As a connected vacuum cleaner, the Deebot R95MKII is also remotely controllable. You just have to order your actions through a mobile application . Finally, be aware that it is a silent device. Its autonomy is quite interesting, since it can go up to 1h 30min.

The advantages

  • It is suitable for rugs and carpets
  • Very good autonomy
  • Excellent suction power
  • possibility of mopping while vacuuming

The disadvantages

  • sometimes goes back to the same places.

iRobot Roomba 960 standalone vacuum cleaner


Coming from a prestigious brand of the best robot vacuum cleaner , the Roomba 960p is a stand-alone vacuum cleaner that stands out for its high endurance and efficiency. This is the device for you if you have pets, because the letter “p” actually stands for the word “pet” or animals.

This aspi-robot designed by the American leader has two central counter-rotating brushes, a “Halo” beacon and two HEPA filters.All these elements which make it possible to be very effective at collecting hair.But we must also add among its major assets its ability to detect dust and the dirtiest places thanks to the presence of the Dirt Detect system.

The Roomba 960 iRobot will also satisfy you with its ease of handling.To turn it on, just press the central “clean” button.Its maintenance is also simple.In addition, this autonomous vacuum cleaner is equipped with a latest generation battery.

The advantages of this robot vacuum cleaner

  • Large capacity
  • Very good autonomy
  • Excellent efficiency and suction power
  • Improved sensors
  • “cleaning” function for a specific area.

The drawbacks

  • Price a bit high

Neato BotVac D85 robot vacuum cleaner


This is also a very interesting cheap robot vacuum .Designed using advanced technology, this product works intelligently.In addition, it offers a modern and elegant design.In short, it is the device of choice if you want to clean your home with ease.

As a major asset, this Neato robot vacuum cleaner is able to visualize the area to be cleaned and identify obstacles in advance.Having a D-shape and low thickness, it also has the advantage of being able to go in all corners and under furniture.One of the strengths of this device is the fact that it can turn over to the charging base if the battery is low or if cleaning is complete.

Note that this robot vacuum cleaner also stands out for its performance since it offers a spiral brush.It can pick up a large amount of dust in a single pass.Finally, know that the autonomy of this robot is 60 minutes and it can be used on any type of floor.

The advantages

  • Perfect suction, maintenance, movement!
  • Large capacity
  • Very good autonomy
  • Stairs don’t scare him
  • Improved sensors


  • can get stuck in armchairs
  • filters to change regularly

OUR CHOICE N ° 4 Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum


This Dyson robot vacuum is also part of the best deals on the market right now.It is a high-end device that is very discreet and well thought out.The British brand has combined in the 360 ​​Eye a set of modern functions in order to simplify the task of users.

This Dyson aspi-robot has among other things ‘a navigation system of exemplary performance.Indeed, thanks to its 360 ° camera equipped with infrared sensors, it can have a good view of the cleaning area, even in low light.This allows him to detect all obstacles and avoid them.Using caterpillars and not wheels, it also performs snail movements.This improves its performance.

For cleanup, the Dyson 360 Eye uses a twisted brush with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.So it can satisfy you to clean the hard floor.Its suction capacity is high.In addition, equipped with multicyclonic filtration, this autonomous vacuum cleaner requires little maintenance.

The advantages

  • Suitable for hard ground
  • Large capacity
  • Very good autonomy
  • High suction capacity
  • Multicyclonic filtration

The disadvantages

  • can get stuck on thick rugs, on the other hand, given its height, it does not get stuck under kitchen furniture, which is a plus.

OUR CHOICE N ° 5 The iRobot Roomba 650


It is necessary to add in the list of the best models for vacuum cleaner Automatic of 2018 the Roomba 650 from iRobot.It’s a complete 33W power unit that can really do the housework for you.It embeds a multitude of strengths and we can say that it offers excellent value for money.

Its ergonomics are the main strength of the Roomba 650.In fact, it has a simple, yet very modern look.In addition, all the control buttons are visible on the top of the vacuum robot.This makes it very easy to use.As for the features of the device, they are interesting.Know that you program the operation of the vacuum cleaner, that is to say, set its date of passage and its cleaning mode.

The iRobot Roomba 650 is also renowned for its high autonomy.It can go up to 90 minutes for a recharge time of 2 to 3 hours.It also benefits from a large dust container with a capacity of 0.5 liters.To top it off, he is able to analyze the area of ​​operation using the iAdapt system.It can therefore bypass obstacles.

The advantages

  • Sucks debris from carpets and hard floors
  • Large capacity
  • Very good autonomy
  • It automatically returns to its base to recharge
  • ideal for animal hair

The disadvantages

  • can get stuck under some furniture.

Best robot vacuum cleaner 2021: Comparison table

Some criteria to take into account to choose the right automatic vacuum cleaner

Decided to buy an automatic vacuum cleaner? First, consider your budget.This already allows you to spot devices that match your purchasing power.Then we have to look at various selection criteria.To begin with, there is the use of the vacuum robot.Certain models are indeed preferred when you have pets.This is the case with the iRobot Roomba 776p.

The second criterion to consider is how the device moves.This can indeed have an impact on the quality of cleaning.Then there is the management of obstacles.This is very important, because by dint of colliding with the furniture, the vacuum cleaner will be damaged.

Autonomy is another criterion that should not be neglected.Indeed, it allows the device to perform cleaning work efficiently.It also saves you time.On this point, the iRobot Roomba 650 stands out.Finally, we must also consider the discretion of the vacuum robot.Ideally, go for the quietest machine.

Now you know the best vacuum cleaner models on the market.In addition, they are accessible at a reasonable price.You can choose one of these devices.But nothing also prevents you from turning to other aspi-robots that could best meet your expectations.

The first aspect to take into account: The price of your expensive or inexpensive robot vacuum?

Obviously your decision will be primarily determined by how much you want to pay for your new housekeeper.But keep in mind that its effectiveness is proportional to its price.Don’t expect amazing results from mediocre models.Before deciding how much you want to spend, we encourage you to consider the following:

A mid-range robot vacuum has a lifespan of over 2 years.What you invest now will be reflected in comfort and efficiency for years to come.If you think your home may have some difficulty for a vacuum cleaner such as several square meters, stairs, rugs, tendency to leave things on the floor, pets, small children, etc.reject elementary models.Don’t buy yourself a robot vacuum that is likely to disappoint you.Wait a little more time and make your choice for a superior model that can effectively cope with the characteristics of your home.There are robot vacuums which are automated cleaning machines and there are others which are intelligent and autonomous.The difference is huge.In general, robot vacuum buyers are very happy with their purchase.If you look at the robot models on our site, you will see that by pressing the opinions tab there are comments from buyers that have been imported from (the online store that sells the most at the level European and global); the majority of these comments are very positive.Your robotic vacuum cleaner will satisfy you once you are aware of the product you are purchasing and its capabilities.Key Features to Consider

Below are the features we think you should check out and be aware of regardless of which robot vacuum you want and your budget.Don’t forget them and use them to choose your new assistant!


The navigation system of your future robot vacuum cleaner will determine the way it will move, orient and clean your house.Here are a few examples:

The most basic model we analyzed, the Vileda Virobi, does not have a navigation system.It just moves randomly, smashing everything like a ping-pong ball.In the mid-range, for example, we have Roomba’s 500 range (the most basic of this brand) which has an intelligent navigation system.This robot vacuum has mechanical sensors that allow it to scan the environment at around 50 times per second creating a “mind” map of the rooms and distribution of the house.This device remembers every corner as well as every obstacle.At the top of the range there are navigation systems capable of detecting the dirtiest areas of the house thanks to acoustic and optical sensors.They are also able to “learn” to perfection the distribution of our home and recall areas where we do not want to clean.


There are models that are not even able to suck.The simplest model, for example, uses the mop in a circular motion.However, most robot vacuum models combine two methods of dust collection: brush and vacuum.Its usual way of working is to collect dust with the brush (or brushes on some models) and put it in an optimal location for vacuuming.However, each model and brand has its own system.There are for example some brushes in the form of paintbrushes and others that have only “roller” brushes.It is important to know which robot vacuum dust collection system we want to acquire as well as its efficiency.

The suction power is also an important factor to consider.However, it is not decisive: having more suction power does not necessarily mean more efficiency.Efficiency is determined by a combination of several factors such as the arrangement and number of brushes, the navigation system and, in general, the correct design of the robot vacuum.In fact, power is measured in watts (W).This, in fact, expresses the energy consumption of the vacuum cleaner rather than its efficiency.


We are talking about the ability of your future robot vacuum to work autonomously and according to the orders you give it.The simpler models have very limited programming options, while the “decent” models have highly functional options.In practice, this will allow you to tell the robot vacuum cleaner when, at what time and with what intensity to clean.Most models also include “direct” commands.For example; your son left the living room rug full of cookie crumbs.Does that sound to you? Then tell your robot to thoroughly clean just that area (by pressing the Spot Clean button, in the case of the Roomba range).


What is the size of your house? Whether the answer is “large” or “very large,” you should keep in mind that when talking about your new robot vacuum the more autonomous the better.In this context, the word “autonomy” refers to the time that the robot can operate after a full charge.Generally this time varies between an hour and an hour and a half.Although almost all robots automatically return to their base to charge their “batteries”, high runtime will be the most efficient cleaning system.

Other On the other hand, one must also pay attention to the capacity of the dirt tank.For example, if you have pets, that is, cat or dog hair all over the house; choose, no doubt, a model with a good storage container.Some models have a full tank warning; in others, you have to get used to glancing every now and then to see if it’s full or not.Tank capacity is measured in liters (L), sometimes in centiliters (CL) or milliliters (ml), and we consider “decent” storage capacities those that start from 0.3L.

The noise of the robot vacuum cleaner

If unfortunately your future robot vacuum cleaner makes noise. But less (or much less, in some cases) than a traditional vacuum cleaner, this factor shouldn’t be of concern to you, unless you’re spending the day at home, or working from home. The big advantage of these devices is that they are programmable (even the most “mediocre” models). So that you will have the chance to be able to program your robot to work while you are not at home. Even if the noise bothers you, you won’t be there to hear it.

If you consider this to be an important factor, it is necessary that you know that noise is measured in decibels (dB) and that the standard for a robot vacuum is between 50 and 80 dB. A normal vacuum cleaner produces 90 dB and a hair dryer about 80 dB (To give you an idea).

Other features that may interest you

So far we have known the most basic and essential. But depending on your case and your needs it is possible that you want your future vacuum cleaner to have some of the following characteristics.

HEPA FILTER of your vacuum cleaner automatic

Vacuum cleaners, each of them, raise dust. When air is sucked in, dust is also pulled from the ground. It passes through a circuit and is retained most of the time in the receptacle or the corresponding bag. However, the intake air must come out, and it often does so with small, microscopic dust particles that are not retained because of their small size. This shouldn’t worry you much, unless you or someone in your family is allergic to dust or you want cleaner air. In this case, it is recommended that your future vacuum cleaner has a HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter. These filters are capable of capturing particles of 0.3 µm; in other words, they purify the air of dust and unwanted particles. If you have a good budget for your robot vacuum, it is advisable to find one with HEPA filter.


Obviously this is not an important feature; but it is possible that you might want a model that has remote control. You should know that not all models have it and that it allows you to control basic options such as the robot vacuum’s schedule or its working hours. So, if you have mobility issues or are going to give the robot vacuum to someone older in your family (quite common), you might want the assistant to include the remote.


Virtual music are accessories that serve to define in a “virtual” way the spaces of the house where you don’t want the robot vacuum to come in or clean. For example, you can program your assistant to clean the patio and delimit the lawn area so as not to sink into it; or even prevent the robot from entering a very young child’s room where it is playing on the carpet. Many models already include virtual walls in their base pack and you may never get to need to use them (In my case for example, I never used them. The more rooms it cleans, best!) </​​p>


If you have pets in your home, you should know that there are specific models of robot vacuum cleaners. I’m talking about Roomba’s Pet Series, which among its advantages, has more storage capacity to catch the hair of our canine friends. If you have a pet, this is an option that should be considered.


If you choose one of the internationally recognized brands (iRobot Roomba, LG, Philips, Vileda, etc.) this should not be of concern to you at all. However, if you are choosing “weird brands” in order to save money, you should take into account that it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to find replacements if you need them.


Do you have a piece of furniture lower than normal (a bed, a sofa? ) and you want your assistant to effectively clean underneath? If so, you should consider the height of your robot, and check before purchase if it is low enough to fit under your furniture.

Autonomous robot vacuum: Choosing the best for 2021

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