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Cleaning is a mandatory task for the maintenance of your home. This sometimes tedious and time-consuming task requires state-of-the-art equipment in order to be as less exhausting as possible. The robot vacuum and mopping machine is a typical piece of equipment to have a clean house without effort. Here are the essentials to know on how to choose the right robot vacuum cleaner and mop .

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The Proscenic 811GB robot vacuum and mop is the latest from the prestigious Taiwanese brand Proscenic, which has been working in household appliances for nearly 30 years. This equipment is therefore a combination of expertise, innovation and professionalism in the service of customer satisfaction. The Proscenic 811GB, much more advanced than its predecessors of the same brand, is a benchmark robot both in terms of its design and for the quality of the work it provides, not to mention its relatively low price for all the features it has.

The Proscenic 811GB is an intelligent robot that does the cleaning and disinfection of the floor all by itself and returns to the load as soon as its work is finished or as soon as that its battery drains. To achieve perfect success as a household facilitator, the device is made up of two simultaneous functions: that of a floor washer with an electric water pump and that of a vacuum cleaner. It is good at going under furniture to clean the smallest crumb, hair, animal hair or the finest particles of dirt. The vacuum detectors of which the device is made allow it not to tumble when it arrives in front of the stairs or when it encounters a vacuum. Thanks to its built-in sensors and its bumper, it avoids bumping into the various obstacles it might encounter while working.

The Proscenic 811GB has 'a very easy to use remote control which is easy to use , even for the youngest. This will also allow you to entrust them with this work while you are in the kitchen or going about other occupations. As you can imagine, the remote control allows you to control the device (orientation and sending to the load), but it also allows you to set the time, to program the time of daily switching on, to activate the different cleaning modes. or activate maximum suction. Indeed, the device is designed with two adjustable suction powers. It should also be noted that it has built-in WiFi which allows the control of the device thanks to smartphones and tablets.

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How to choose the most suitable vacuum and mop robot?

Comparison of robot vacuum and mop Buy your robot vacuum cleaner at the best price on!

The market for robotics applied to household appliances is quite large and full of tempting offers to make everyday life easier. Faced with a multitude of offers and increasingly advanced technology, the choice of the consumer is still not obvious. Choosing a vacuum and mopping robot obeys these same laws, especially since it is a hybrid device which is inspired by best robot vacuums and most efficient steam cleaners . It is not for the buyer to consider only the device offering the best technologies, or to be focused only on the device offering the best price, but to take into account the use that is expected by do to detect the most suitable vacuum and mopping robot for you.

In order to choose the right one, it is important to scan several devices in order to make an informed choice. You could go to retail stores to chat with suppliers and make comparisons yourself. If you don't feel like wasting so much energy, you can visit the various sites on the internet that talk about robot vacuum cleaners . However, the easiest method today is to consult device comparison sites. Our article makes the choice easier for you by summarizing the important points. So here are some things to consider when you decide to buy a robot vacuum and mop .

  • Autonomy : The autonomy of a device is its ability to operate without power once its battery is recharged. Here, the autonomy is mostly expressed in minutes. The best and most autonomous devices can have an autonomy of up to 2 hours of time. Thus, the autonomy of your device must be sufficient to cover at least the cleaning time in your apartment. To help you, some manufacturers clearly indicate the size of the space that the autonomy of the device will be able to support. It is therefore important to check this aspect of things so as not to equip yourself with a device that will not be able to do its job in one step or, on the other hand, which has more performance than necessary. actually.
  • Reload time: This is another important performance criterion to consider. If you are used to making heavy use of your device, it would be better for you to choose a device that charges quickly. Indeed, the slower the reload time, the less frequently it will be possible to use it.
  • The ease of use : It is strongly recommended that you buy equipment that is easy to use. For this, apart from controlling the device, some manufacturers go so far as to offer applications that the user can install on his tablet or on his smartphone in order to be able to control it remotely. It is also important that the manufacturer gives the user the ability to set the device according to his tastes and needs. Thus, a good equipment should be able to leave the user the possibility of a fast and personalized parameterization.
  • The price-performance ratio : The price of an equipment is a determining factor for the buyer. Pick a good robot vacuum and mop that offers the best price for the features available.

Among other things to be done take into account, one could also quote the brand , the manufacturer's warranty , the customer reviews , after-sales service of the supplier.

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