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In addition to transmitting malaria, mosquitoes bother us a lot. Whether at home or away, it is possible to eliminate them. If you are equipped with the right tool, you can eliminate the nuisance caused by these insects. The Mosquito Repellent Lamp is an accessory designed to overcome these pests. Used in and out of homes, the accessory has proven to be effective. You too could benefit by purchasing the product at the best value for money. So here are some tips to get a good deal.

Fochea mosquito repellent lamp: an effective product

This lamp effectively combats mosquitoes . Its principle of operation is simple. Its ultraviolet radiation attracts mosquitoes which are ultimately killed by electrocution. Its protection zone covers 60 square meters, or a radius of more than 4 m . It is very easy to use. It can be installed on the floor, on a table, on the ceiling or hung on the wall by its handle. The optimum height to eliminate mosquitoes is 1.80 m from the ground. He is silent. It therefore does not disturb sleep, work or the tranquility of the room where it is used. In addition, no perfume or chemical product is released. This product is therefore respectful of nature. It can be used in many places: home, office, hospital, yoga room, etc.

This mosquito lamp is very powerful, but does not consume a lot of energy. In fact, its power is only 14 Watts. Its lifespan varies between 5000 and 8000 hours . This is to say that for 8 hours daily use, it can last between 1.5-2.5 years of life. The safety of users and especially that of children is guaranteed. Fingers cannot cross the grid to reach the high voltage area (1,500 V/1,800 V). The product is easy to maintain. It has a detachable collection tray where mosquito corpses hang out. It can be easily cleaned with a brush. It comes with a user manual, an EU plug and an alternative UV tube.

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Advantages of a mosquito repellent lamp

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A mosquito lamp has several advantages. It is an ecological product. In addition, it can be used as a cheap air purifier in some cases or even as first price air dehumidifier , even if that is not its main function. Indeed, it breaks down molds, odors and bacteria. It does not only kill mosquitoes, but also all flying insects. With a bug spray, it is not necessary to clean the floor to rid it of dead insects. He keeps them in a detachable collection tray that you can empty and clean at any time. With this product, you are safe from mosquitoes both indoors and outdoors. Neither attraction nor electrocution causes noise. The tranquility of the environment where it is used is then guaranteed.

The mosquito lamp has a good autonomy. Able to last for nearly 360 minutes, it recharges in just a few hours. It is therefore an excellent tool for camping. It will allow you to cook on the barbecue or to enjoy an aperitif with loved ones without being incessantly bothered. In addition, it provides optimal lighting. You can then use it as a night light. Depending on the model, the accessory is powered from different energy sources . It can be electric or solar. The outer grid prevents contact with the metal grid of the high voltage area or electrocution area. This lamp participates in the decor of the place where it is used, thus emphasizing its aesthetic side.

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How to choose a anti-mosquito lamp?

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Under the spell of this product, buyers may rush in and make a haphazard purchase. You have to be well prepared and take into consideration some important criteria, as you might do if you had to choose a new essential oil diffuser . For example, we have the scope. It varies on average from 2 to 5 m. For areas with a high presence of harmful insects, it is better to equip yourself with a lamp with a large radius of action. You also have to take into account the power of the attachment. The larger it is, the more efficient the lamp will be. Before buy your mosquito lamp , be very careful about the value of the voltage which is intimately related to the power.

The safety is not to be neglected. In order to avoid incidents, the electric shock area must be inaccessible to users. Design is also important. Your mosquito repellent lamp could help to combine the useful with the pleasant in a harmony of form and color of the area where it will be used. Price is a determining factor. The best price-performance ratio can easily be achieved in the mid-range. You will have to prepare a sum between 50 € and 150 € . On the other hand, it will be necessary to envisage at least 200 € if you wish to buy a high-end product.

Where to buy a mosquito lamp at the best price?

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