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All about the Nespresso Pixie capsule coffee machine!

Founded in 1986, Nespresso is a famous brand which continues to innovate each year by producing ever more efficient and sophisticated machines. This is particularly the case with the Krups YY4127FD Nespresso Pixie model. Besides the cappuccinos, you will have access to the whole range of Nespresso brand coffee.

The Krups YY4127FD Nespresso Pixie: presentation

 Reviews Nespresso Pixie capsule coffee maker This model has all the advantages of Nespresso electric coffee makers. For starters, the Pixie has 19 bars of pressure, so you can enjoy real espresso. Besides that, it is also equipped with a used capsule collector , once the coffee is extracted, you just have to lift the bottom on the top of the machine to expel the capsule. Thanks to its dimension of 32.1 x 11.1 x 25.5 cm, the machine can be placed in a small corner.

It is compact and therefore lower than the luxurious Nespresso Citiz Titane model. But with this size you probably already know that its tank is small compared to previous models. Indeed, it can keep up to 0.7 liters and that still corresponds to a ten short coffees and 6 long coffees . Everything you need to have a good time before you return to the tap to refuel the tank. Finally, in addition to being compact, the YY4127FD Pixie is modern and its sides refer to the coffee machines found in cafes. Regarding its cup rest, you can place it at two different heights.

The Krups YY4127FD Nespresso pixie: how to use it?

Like so many other Nespresso brand products, the pixie YY4127FD is easy to use. In fact, to prepare your coffee you just need to turn on the coffee maker, then place the capsule and press a button to start the extraction. Once the cup is taken, turn off the machine, but if you forget to do so, it will charge after nine minutes. Also, when the reservoir is not full enough, the coffee maker will notify you so that you do not run an empty coffee. It must be said that the manufacturer has to think about while implementing such a product. The only thing we regret about this machine is its noisy side. Indeed, during mining, it emits 60 Db . And it’s a real shame because there are several other Nespresso brand coffee makers which have a lower noise level than the YY4127FD pixie.

Our opinion on the Nespresso Pixie capsule coffee maker

 Test Nespresso Pixie capsule coffee machine Between the Pixie coffee machine and the Nespresso Citiz, we really ask ourselves which coffee machine model to choose. Because these models have a fairly similar design, but the price is different. If we take the case of the YY4127FD Pixie, it is billed at 100 euros although everything also depends on the color.

Actually, pixie offers nothing exceptional compared to models in the range of Nespresso coffee makers. But if you want to make a great espresso in under a minute, this is the coffee machine for you. Preheating takes only 30 seconds and it takes just 30 seconds to extract a short coffee. However, to have a long coffee, it takes a little more seconds for the extraction. And so, the advantage here is that the preparation time is not long, so you can have your coffee before you even get to work without wasting a minute.

What is the price of the Nespresso Pixie? Where to buy it cheaper?

The price of the Nespresso Pixie coffee machine varies from seller to seller. But to have this product at an affordable price, you have to go to Amazon, on such a site, the product is 90 euros. But if you go to other merchant sites, you will get it for more than 100 euros. Suffice to say that among the Nespresso brand coffee machines, the Pixie offers the best value for money . Regarding Nespresso capsules, you can have them in supermarkets and this at 0.35 euros. This price is a little above other capsules of most capsules for electric coffee machines. It would therefore be best to order a large number of capsules during the promotion.

Finally, it should be noted that by its noisy side, the YY4127FD Pixie you allows you to have a real espresso. It is suitable for large cups, automatically stops after nine minutes, and also features water level detection and two sizes of coffee. In terms of coffee, you know that at Nespresso, quality is always there. And by choosing the Pixie, you are not only getting a quality product and Nespresso coffees for a absolutely correct price . It is compact, robust, easy to use and you can use it for many years.

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