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TOP 3 of the best air dehumidifiers of the year

Enjoying all the comfort of your home sometimes means that we have to make some arrangements very precise which, in addition to ensuring your well-being, will allow you to take care of your home so that it does not suffer the slightest damage whatsoever. And when humidity does appear, it can be very difficult to get rid of it if your equipment is not suitable. That's why, in this buying guide, we wanted to present you a comparison of the most efficient air dehumidifiers of the moment, which will allow you to find a solution once and for all to this problem without having to waste your money on tablet air dehumidifiers.

Comparison table of the 10 best air dehumidifiers 2018/2019

How an air dehumidifier works electric?

The principle of operation of an electric air dehumidifier seems complex, however, in reality, it is based on a very simple principle of physics which ensures irreproachable results, whatever the humidity level in the room. First, an air dehumidifier begins by sucking in the moisture-laden air that it then directs to a refrigerated evaporator. During this process, the air will therefore be cooled, which will allow the water to condense on contact with the cold.

The water residual will therefore begin to run off to finish its journey in a water collection tank that you will then just have to empty. However, some air dehumidifier models are equipped with a hot condenser which will heat the humidity-free air and then redistribute it in the room. Most of the time, the operation of this type of device will continue continuously until the humidity in the room has reached the rate you have previously chosen using the control panel.

Pro Breeze 12 L: The best portable air dehumidifier of the year!

If your home is unfortunately often plagued by humidity and you have tried everything to get rid of it to no avail, then the Pro Breeze 12 L Air Dehumidifier may just be the equipment for you. It is indeed one of those emblematic equipment which perfectly represents their category, as the Cookeo + multicooker can represent the kitchen. Indeed, thanks to it, you will obtain visible results after only a few hours, and there is no doubt that immediately after seeing its effectiveness, you will not imagine for a single moment to be able to do without it./p>

In total, the Pro Breeze electric air dehumidifier is capable of removing up to 12 liters of water per day, This is due to its 220 watt motor as well as its large suction grid. In addition, it has a backlit control screen with which you can configure each characteristic and in particular choose the desired dehumidification mode according to your needs. The water tank meanwhile offers a capacity of 2.2 liters. Of course, when it is full, you will be warned and the device will pause to avoid any overflow whatsoever.

What are the good reasons to buy an air dehumidifier ?

If the electric air dehumidifier is also popular with consumers, you can imagine it is because it is a piece of equipment which, in many situations, can prove to be truly indispensable and irreplaceable. Thanks to it, you will be able to take care of your home but also of your health and that of your family. Indeed, by eliminating humidity from your home, your walls and woodwork will be protected, and you will prevent wallpaper, paneling or plasterboard, for example, from molding. This will therefore prevent you from major work afterwards which can be very simply avoided.

But too much humidity in a home can have a real negative impact on your health and that of those around you. The main property of humidity, when its level is too high, is to promote the development of bacteria and will therefore expose you to more risks of viral or infectious diseases. By choosing to buy an electric air dehumidifier , you will therefore prevent the development of different bacteria as much as possible, which will allow you to protect yourself from any possible disease. which could act directly on the throat or the lungs.

Our 2 favorite air dehumidifiers to discover

Hysure 600 ml: The air dehumidifier with the best quality/price

If you are looking for equipment that can get rid of the humidity in your home but you don't necessarily want to sacrifice all your savings, then the Hysure 600 ml air dehumidifier could be all your happiness. Capable of sucking up to 300 milliliters of water per day, it is ideal in a bedroom, in a basement or even in a bathroom, as long as the ambient temperature is lower at 30 ° C.

If one thing is certain, it is that the air dehumidifier Hysure 600 ml is a piece of equipment incredibly easy to use, which is also explained by the fact that it only has one function. Concretely, after plugging it in, you just need to press the power button for it to start working. Then, the humidity in the air will be absorbed and your equipment will stop automatically as soon as the drip tray is full. Admittedly, this model perfectly deserves its name of air dehumidifier with the best quality/price ratio of the year.

Houzetek: The best inexpensive air dehumidifier

The Houzetek electric air dehumidifier is the best solution to get rid of excess humidity in a small room with a smaller area to 20m². With its capacity of 500 milliliters per 24 hour period, it will be able to offer you results that meet your expectations and without your budget being really impacted since it is currently the best dehumidifier of cheap air.

If the Houzetek air dehumidifier is so successful today, this is also explained by the fact that thanks to its very low sound level of 35 decibels maximum, it can be used at night without compromising your comfort. In addition, it is particularly energy efficient thanks to its power of 23 watts. In short, and to conclude, as you will understand, this model only offers advantages, and it is very likely that you too will find it hard to believe that it is as economical as it is so efficient.

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