Air humidifier: comparison of the best models of 2021

TOP 3 best air humidifiers of 2021

Pollution is a a phenomenon which is becoming more and more widespread in our time. It mainly affects city dwellers, creating health problems that are mostly related to the respiratory tract. Thus the ambient pollution in cities is so high that city dwellers are sometimes forced to deprive themselves of air by closing their windows. Faced with this problem, many people have opted for humidifiers which allow the home to be cooled and sanitized. These devices can even distill special fragrances using essential oils . It is therefore the dream device for anyone who would like to have clean and healthy air in their home. It is certainly true that the humidifier has become essential equipment, but with the multitude of models that exist on the market, buyers do not know where to turn. In this article, we introduce you to the three best humidifiers available on the market. Then we will tell you things to know before choosing an air humidifier.

Comparison of the best-selling air humidifiers in 2021

What are the three best air humidifiers that currently exist?

In this wide range of air humidifiers that are available to the general public, we have made a classification to present to you only the best three. This selection was made taking into account all the criteria that go into the value for money.

Babymov Hygro Plus air humidifier

This is a humidifier for babies , which is not very quiet because it has been designed with ultrasonic silent functionality. Thus, the device, which has the ability to continuously make the air fresh, makes almost no noise. It is therefore suitable to facilitate baby's breathing and provide him with a healthy environment while he is resting. The tank of the device has a capacity of 2.5 liters which allows it to remain on for almost 22 hours for a room of 20 m2 for example. The device has been designed to shut off automatically when the water in its tank becomes insufficient for cooling. The user can adjust the humidity level which is displayed on the backlit touchscreen. The manufacturers have therefore added “fun” features such as the multicolored night light. This one has seven different colors to give a feeling of calm and serenity in the baby's room. On the humidifier, there is also an essential oil diffuser to perfume the room to your liking. It is possible to orient the steam at 360. It is a device that supports a voltage between 220 to 240 Volts for a frequency which must be between 50 to 60 Hertz. This pretty jewel is sold for 85 euros on Amazon.

It is without a doubt a device that combines performance and low price. This is even one of the reasons which justifies its place in our ranking.

Most customers are satisfied with this product which has a very good value-price. Users also like it because it is very well designed to purify and cool the air in a baby's room.

other positive points of this humidifier are: its design, its autonomy and the fact that it is very quiet. The only shortcoming is the presence of a night light which emits a little too much light.

The Tao Tronics air humidifier

The presence of this humidifier in this classification is mainly due to its large capacity. It should be noted that the device, which works with cold steam, can hold up to 4 liters of water. This allows the device to have a battery life of 15 hours. The device has a mechanism that allows it to separate water from certain microorganisms. Indeed, this mechanism called the Micro-porous cartridge thus guarantees you fresh air of healthy quality. It should be noted that this is a device that can be used in any room of your home. This is made possible by a feature that adjusts the humidity and the amount of spray. So you can use it for a small baby room or go up to a 50 m2 room. The device also fights against wrinkles, certain dry skin problems and mildew. This is all thanks to the humidity and vaporization controls. These features are also useful in cold winter weather.

The humidifier is also equipped with several other very interesting functions. Indeed, you will find a night mode, a programmable timer. The display screen is LED type and the nozzle of this equipment rotates in all directions. It is a device that is also very quiet, as it diffuses the fresh air through an ultrasound system. Indeed, the noise produced during its operation does not exceed 38 dB. Which won't bother anyone in your house, not even your baby. This humidifier is available for the price of 49.99 euros on the Amazon platform.

The opinions of users who have tried it are mostly favorable, this for several reasons. First of all, the fact that it is very easy to use, its large capacity and its very fast start-up. Having several other features as well makes it popular with the public. The only downside for this equipment is its model, which is not readily available. However, you can still get help from the manufacturer on the net.

The Philips HU4801/01 air humidifier

This latest humidifier in the ranking is equipped with very advanced technology. This is Nano cloud technology, which allows the device to have higher performance. This technology also makes it easier for the device to distribute fresh, healthy air. It should also be noted that this is a humidifier that is very easy to clean. It is also a device that does not produce white dust or water deposits on the ground. The product from the company Philips costs only 74.59 euros on Amazon.

It is without a doubt the humidifier with the best range in the ranking. This surely explains its price which is a little higher than other humidifiers. This increase can also be understood by the good performance of the device.

All this is very interesting, but to buy a humidifier, there are still some small ones things to know before venturing into this big market.

What are the things to know before going to the checkout for the purchase of an air humidifier.

 width= In the classification made above, the emphasis was clearly placed on certain criteria.This choice was made on purpose to guide you when purchasing your humidifier.By following these criteria, you will opt for a quality product at a reasonable price, taking into account the use you want to make of it.However, it is not uncommon for you to have your own criteria for this type of device.If you find yourself in this situation, it is best to make your own comparison using reviews and tests.However, even if you define your own criteria, it is essential to take the following ones into account.

The accessible area

Note that the coverage area varies depending on each device.It is therefore necessary to know precisely the dimensions of the rooms you want to refresh.However, it should be noted that most humidifiers available on the market can cover at least 20 m2.This can already allow you to humidify a good surface.

The cleaning facilities of your humidifier

Cleaning a humidifier is very important, because it is a device that acts mainly on the air you breathe.It is therefore essential to clean it regularly and thoroughly.This will make sure you are inhaling healthy air.For optimal cleaning, it is advisable to disassemble the device.This is one reason why we should prefer air humidifiers that can be dismantled very easily.

The different types

Note that there are two main categories of air humidifiers on the market.The first category includes warm mist humidifiers and the second category includes cool mist humidifiers.Hot steam humidifiers can heat your room by increasing the heat of the air in a simple and natural way.Cool mist humidifiers, on the other hand, refresh and sanitize the air in your various rooms without affecting the temperature.

Options and features of a good humidifier air

essential oil lovers will be in for a treat when it comes to air humidifiers .In fact, most devices have the functionality to diffuse essential oils.So you can add touches of fragrance while refreshing your air.These devices are more complete by offering settings for humidity or vaporization.There are even some models which are programmable.

The reliability of the product

It is important be very careful here, especially when making these purchases online and most products look attractive and inexpensive.While it is true that you can find quality products at low cost, you should be careful.To avoid any surprises with air humidifiers, it is recommended to use firms that have already proven themselves in the sector.Indeed brands like Philips, Innoo Tech, Dyson or Tao Tronics will guarantee you very good quality devices designed with durable materials over time.However, if you want a little-known brand, your best bet would be to research reviews of it first.

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