4 best models for floor steam cleaners 2021: our comparison with reviews and tests

The floor steam cleaner is gaining more and more popularity. Convenient and easy to use, this household appliance allows you to properly and efficiently keep a place clean.

You don't know which appliance to choose? Here is our selection of the 4 best floor steam cleaners

The advantage of this type of cleaner lies in its ability to clean surfaces without the use of detergent. It is also appreciated for its great versatility. In fact, apart from the floor, it can also clean carpets, windows, mattresses, rugs and many other types of surface. If you need to unclog the oven or remove the wallpaper, a steam cleaner can also do the trick.

Polti Steam Cleaner Eco Pro 3.0

With a pressure of 4.5 bars, an adjustable steam flow of 110g/min and a power of 2000W, the polti Vaporetto Eco Pro 3.0 steam cleaner can meet all the cleaning needs of professionals and individuals.

Regarding the characteristics, this device takes 11 minutes to transform the water in its 2L tank into steam. When it comes to battery life, this model can provide non-stop cleaning for up to 90 minutes. The advantage of this model is that it is possible to adjust the power of its jet according to the surface to be cleaned. This is a floor steam cleaner , which can also promise satisfactory results on windows, carpets, rugs and fabric coverings.

Regarding the accessories, the Italian brand is quite generous since it provides with its product a whole lot of materials including a high pressure nozzle, a GM brush for floors, a PM brush to clean the small surfaces, a round PM brush, a window cleaning kit, two extension tubes, an anti-scale product, a funnel and a mop.

Karcher Floor Steam Cleaner SC3

The karcher 1510000 SC3 cleaner also stands out for its performance and ease of handling. With a power of 1700 watts, a steam pressure of 3.5 bars and a steam output of 100g/min, it can help you maintain the cleanliness of your home or workplace with great efficiency.

This device is particularly distinguished by its ultra-fast heating time of only 30 seconds. The weight of the device (3.5g) and its 4m cord also make it easy to use. Versatile, it is an excellent floor steam cleaner, which can also clean shower walls, hobs, hoods and walls. Regarding autonomy, it has a 1L tank which allows the cleaning of a large area before a new filling.

Now, for what is accessories, the karcher SC3 steam cleaner is delivered with a hand nozzle, a pencil jet nozzle, a round brush, an Easy Fix floor nozzle, a Power nozzle, a descaling cartridge, a tube extension and a microfiber mop.

Polti Cheap Vaporetto Handy Floor Steamer

The Floor Steamer polti Vaporetto Handy 15 have won over many consumers with its rather economical side. With a power of 1500W, a steam flow of 80g/min, a pressure of up to 3 bars, a working autonomy of 0.75l, this cleaner is ideally suited for cleaning medium spaces. It’s perfect for occasional maintenance.

This steam cleaner is pretty quick since it only takes 5 minutes to heat the water in its tank. A “steam ready” light tells you that you can start cleaning.Practical, it has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to transport when using on the go.Its great maneuverability is explained by its ultra light weight of only 2.7kg.

Eleven accessories are also delivered with the Vaporetto Handy 15 floor steam cleaner, including a large brush, two small brushes, small steam lance, a windshield, three extension tubes, window squeegee, a cloth and a funnel.

Karcher Floor Steam Cleaner SC4

If the Polti Handy 15 steam cleaner is suitable for cleaning small areas, the karcher SC4 steam cleaner is ideal for large areas.With a power of 2000W, a maximum pressure of 3.5 bars, a removable tank of 0.8L and an adjustable steam flow between 0 and 110g/min, this model is the one you need to clean hard floors with much less effort.

Multifunction, this floor steam cleaner allows you to also take care of mirrors, shower cubicles, tubs, hoods, tile joints and even doors.Outdoors, it can be used for cleaning balconies and terraces.Efficient for cleaning work rooms, as for living spaces, this cleaner eliminates all bacteria and eliminates the smallest dirt, even those found under furniture.

Very handy for those in a hurry, it has a fast startup time of only 4 minutes.On the accessory side, the product is supplied with a hand nozzle, a pencil jet nozzle, a round brush, a mop and a windshield.

Best cheap steam cleaner the top 10

Why buy a steam cleaner? All the benefits!

By choosing to buy a steam cleaner, which can also bear the name of What sets the steam cleaner apart from all other household equipment, and has become a real must-have, is also the fact that it will exempt you from having to buy all kinds of cleaning products.which, although they clean the house, are neither health friendly nor planet friendly.The only product you will need will simply be water, the effects of which will be beyond reproach.Clearly, by choosing to buy a steam cleaner, you will save time and money while also having the certainty that the results obtained will fully meet all of your requirements.

The criteria to take into account before choosing your floor steam cleaner

Do you want to buy your first floor steam cleaner? First, you need to consider your cleaning needs.Indeed, the efficiency of the device depends on its power.With a model offering a pressure of more than 4 bars and with a power of more than 1500 W, cleaning is done effortlessly since it is not necessary to scrub the floor too much.

For cleaning fragile soil, a cleaner providing a flow rate of 70g/min is to be preferred.On the other hand, to clean a hard surface such as tiles or a carpet, you will need a model with a flow rate greater than 115g/min.Also remember to choose your device according to its startup time.On this point, the karcher 1510000 SC3 steam cleaner is the one who wins the race by showing 30 seconds of heating time.

It is equally important to choose your steam cleaner according to its autonomy as you would for the purchase of a Dyson Cordfree cordless vacuum cleaner .For a large house, it is better to turn to a model with a large tank such as the polti Eco Pro 3 steam cleaner.

Finally, you have to also consider the configuration of your home and the weight of the appliance.A less heavy device will take less space and is not at all difficult to store.A lightweight cleaner is also suitable for cleaning two-story houses.

Here you are, now you can choose your floor steam cleaner with full knowledge of the facts.If you are looking for the most reliable and efficient models on the market, choose from our selection! They have already won the hearts of many consumers and why not yours?

Black + Decker FSM1630-QS : A high performance steam mop cleaner!

The Black + Decker FSM1630-QS Corded Steam Mop is a particularly impressive piece of equipment in many ways that is likely to make you happy.Practical and efficient, it will allow you to clean all your floors in record time while having the guarantee that the results obtained will always be irreproachable.It must be admitted, by developing this steam floor cleaner, the brand has proven once again that it masters its subject to perfection.In addition, customer reviews of the Black + Decker FSM1630-QS are particularly positive, which is also explained by the fact that in addition to being effective, this floor steam cleaner is offered at a truly affordable price.

In total, the Black + Decker FSM1630-QS steam cleaner develops a power of 1600 watts, which therefore positions it as one of the most powerful of his generation, all brands combined. What also makes it special is the fact that it is equipped with a technology called AutoSelect which will allow you to indicate to your equipment what type of floor it should clean, which will allow it to adjust its flow rate. steam without you having to do anything. For stubborn dirt, the Black + Decker FSM1630-QS will also prove to be your best ally since it offers a Steam Boost function that will allow it to generate 50% more steam. Clearly, you will understand, if you want to offer yourself an equipment that is really worth the price and that will always meet the least of your requirements, then this Black + Decker broom cleaner is the one for you. !

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